Friday, December 01, 2006

Cool Running

Phoenix cooled off this week. While not as cold as Redmond by any stretch of the imagination, it was still in the mid-30F this morning at 4:00AM when I dragged myself out of bed for my run. I pulled on my tights, long sleeve top and gloves and headed out with my black lab, Cooper, for a 12 miler with 7 at 15K pace. I dropped off Cooper after 2 miles and ran another mile just to make sure I was good and warm before starting 7 miles at 7:40/mi. I used my measured 2 mile loop and left my Garmin at home. This forced me get a feel for a steady pace without looking down at the Garmin’s pace window every 3 seconds.

The first mile was a bit slow (7:46), so I picked it up on the 2nd mile and improved to 7:37. Thereafter, I settled down and did a decent job holding pace for the next 5 miles. Once I got out past 4 miles I was truly amazed that I was still moving smoothly at this pace. Intellectually, I know I can run faster under race conditions, but to continue pushing forward in the dark with no one around to pace is another matter all together.

Tempo Splits: 7:46, 7:37, 7:44, 7:32, 7:36, 7:34, 7:46

After 7 miles at tempo, I ran two more miles to fill out the required 12. This was a pretty good effort for me. The average tempo pace was 7:39/mi. This translates to a 47:32 10K. Last year, that was a very good 10K. This year, the bar is much higher. I’ve got all of you out there to thank for that.

Have a great weekend.

Training for the week:

Mon: 6.2 miles w/ 6x100m strides, 8:34/mi avg pace
Tue: 12.0 miles, easy, 9:01/mi avg pace
Wed: Travel Day
Thr: Rest Day
Fri: 12.3 miles w/7 miles @ 7:39/mi, 8:18/mi avg pace

None running input – a week or so ago, I mentioned that one of my folks in Redmond had a cabin north of Seattle that he was having trouble reaching due to a road washout. I didn’t realize how severe the problem was until he showed me this picture. And you thought you had problems.


tb1 said...

Great run this morning! Especially to keep that pace while running alone. I think you'll see even more imporvement as you approach race day. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

That picture sure does put things in perspective! Great job on your run. Do you like running with your lab? I have a lab as well and she is often such a pain to run with.

Phil said...

I've been running with my lab since he was 4 months old. I started out using a standard chocker collar. This was a disaster. I switched to a training collar. This collar has metal spikes that dig into his thick neck when he pulls. It took about 30 seconds for the dog to figure out that he needed to stay on my left. He's been a great running dog since. You can find this collar at any pet's mart. It looks cruel, but it works. He associates the collar with running and will stick his head through to get started on a run.

I've had him on runs over 20 miles. As long as I keep him hydrated, he does great. I don't take him on speed work or tempo runs however. He doesn't like to run fast.

Yvonne said...

wow - I've never seen anything like that!
good work this week. i feel all exhausted just reading about someone moving at that pace right now...

Anonymous said...

Crap! That picture looks like the scene from Dante's Peak. No fun at all. Hope your friend was able to get up there eventually.

Great job with the run. That's quite an inprovement in a year's time.

bapp said...

Nice run for you today. Glad that you did not have to deal with "crunch, crunch" anymore. BTW, the bar is higher maybe due to everyone's encouragement, but you are doing all the hard work to reach it. Keep it up...the work and the bar.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the weather is finally letting up. Nice run today. That road, I've never seen anything quite like that.

Anonymous said...

you will be ready to smoke that 30k coming up, good job.

Mike said...

The 7 mile tempo runs combined with the longer MP workouts are definitely the toughest part of Pfitzinger's plan, and you seem to be getting through it in good form. I'm getting excited about reading a "first marathon" report that doesn't end in abject agony.

And geez, I thought the road through Sabino Canyon looked bad.

Anonymous said...

Nice run!

That makes for some scary driving!!

carmen said...

Ooh, that's an intense washout! Is that the road and is it really crumbled up or what is going on?

You're doing really good with your running Phil! Geez Louise.

Have a great weekend.

Ewen said...

Thanks for the translation Phil - miles don't mean much down here - we've had the metric system for soooo long! I vaguely remember that 100mph on a motorbike is pretty quick.

47:32 10k pace is excellent tempo running!

Anonymous said...

Great run, Mr. Speedy!