Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Longer Intervals

Today’s interval workout extended the interval distance to 1000m from 600m only two weeks ago; and as happens every week, I learned something new. Today’s lesson: When the program calls for 5x1000m at 5K race pace, run them at a 5K race pace.

I got to the track at 9:30 this morning after a 5 mile warm up. When I got there, a 20 something in baggy gang-banger shorts and a loose sweat shirt was stretching and looking cool with his iPod ear-buds plug in and the tunes cranked up. He didn’t acknowledge me as I ran around the track a couple of times to make sure I was good and warm before starting the 1000m repeats. As I came around the second turn on my last lap, the kid was jogging about 100m in front of me in Lane 1 – ah, fresh meat.

I crossed the start line and took off, closing the 100m gap within the first 200m. I blew by him so close that I didn’t even bother to move all the way into lane two. I finished the first 400m in 1:30 which is way too fast and I knew I’d pay for my foolishness later, but it was worth it. As I headed down the back stretch towards the 1000m mark, the kid walked off the track. 8 minutes of stretching and a 800m jog was all he had in him this morning. Unfortunately, his departure meant I was all alone on the track with no one to chase.

I slowed down on the 2nd interval and finally got near my 5K PR pace (6:58/mi) on the 3rd interval. By the time I finished the 4th interval I was gassed and breathing pretty hard during the 2 minute jog between the 4th and 5th interval; but I was determined that I would run all 5 faster than 6:58/mi and I already had 4 in the bank.

On the 5th interval, I was only 1 second ahead at 400m but 2 seconds behind at 800m. I sprinted as fast as I could on the back stretch and made up 5 seconds to finish up all 5 intervals under 6:58/mi.

1000m Splits:

1 – 4:03 – 6:32/mi pace
2 – 4:12 – 6:46/mi pace
3 – 4 :14 – 6 :49/mi pace
4 – 4 :17 – 6 :54/mi pace
5 – 4 :17 – 6 :54/mi pace

Not a bad morning. I’m technically on vacation until 02 Jan 07; however, I already got one phone call and need to make a second as soon as I get this posted (I’ve got my priorities straight) – so I’ve got plenty of time to sleep in and run in the sun again. Hope your week is going as well.

Special note to BETA Bloggers: For some reason, I can't post comments on any blog that has converted over to the BETA Version of Blogger. I’m still reading your blogs, but I haven’t been able to post any comments for two days. One way or another, I'll get the problem figured out. Is anyone else having a problem?

Training for the week:

Mon: Rest day
Tue: 8.0 miles, easy, 9:00/mi avg pace
Wed: 9.9 miles, easy w/ 5x1000m @6:47/mi


Anonymous said...

Wow, you just demoralized the poor kid! Good job on the workout. I have not had any issues posting to other blogs other than getting the word verification wrong half the time.

Anonymous said...

Poor kid!
Awesome workout.

The other day I had a problem posting comments. It kept saying that I had the incorrect log in but then posted my comment all three times I tried. Don't know.

tb1 said...

Great Job Phil. I had a good laugh at the kid's expense. The old man kicked his a--. But then he did look way COOL!

I'll bet your 5K PR would fall right now if you ran one.

Mike said...

Phil, maybe it's a relay issue with the comments, as I'm in the same boat. For some reason blogger won't let me go beta. Nice session on the track today and enjoy your vacation if they let you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, nice work out today, Try to enjoy your vacation!! Nice long one!!

I've been having problems of late posting to your blog also. I have word varify at least five times!!!

Love2Run said...

Things are looking pretty awesome for your marathon. Enjoy your vacation!

stephruns said...

Yes, same problem here. I wanted to switch to the beta version for this reason, but you need to have a google account, which I don't have and I'm resistant creating one right now.

bapp said...

Nice training session. As for the Blogger Beta issue, I created my blog using Blogger Beta w/ a Google account and have always had problems with posting onto non-beta accounts. It does not allow me to sign in and post comments with my picture. I think that problems posting the other way, as you found is also a problem. Blogger people are aware of this and say that they are working on it. I have gotten around the problem by posting as "Other" and have to put in my name and blog link separately. Try that and see if you can post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil - nice run. I'm having trouble posting on all blogs.

Ewen said...

Yes Phil, that's a common problem - just started the last few days - it was OK before then. I've been told if you use 'preview' first, sometimes it works (not for me). If blogs allow anonymous comments, that seems to work on IE (not Firefox).

Good 1000s there :) It still amuses me slightly how you convert the pace back to mins per mile. Mile measurements are rarely used in Australia.

Anonymous said...

5x1000 are a tough workout, even if you start at the prescribed pace, well done.

And that poor kid, well, I guess he needs to learn to run harder.

Jim said...

Congrats on blasting the youngster!

Great splits on the 5x1000! Sounds like you're ready for both of your upcoming races.

Good luck for this weekend!

Deene said...

i have trouble comment on the beta version as well.
good job on kicking the whipper snappers butt.

Anonymous said...

Phil, I had trouble when I first went to Beta posting on unconverted blogs. I guess they're fiddling with the code and it's just not right yet. Probably what "beta" means!

Great workout. You're gonna ace the marathon.


Anonymous said...

Fresh meat! Sometimes I just adore track workouts so that I can blow by people. Of course, they have to be really slow people, but I still blow by them.

This beta thing is getting old. I hate beta. I want to be the beta version of me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, I'm ashame to say I did not make my track workout on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Posted with no problems tonight

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for the iPod-wearing dude. Too cool for school. And lazy, besides. I'm just sayin'.

Good job on the track workout, btw. Way to keep the pace consistent.