Friday, December 08, 2006

North Phoenix 10K Invitational

The Pfitzinger plan calls for a 8-15K tune up race on Saturday (as in tomorrow); however, there really isn’t anything going on in the valley and I don’t feel like driving down to Tucson again to pick up the Tucson ½ marathon. Therefore, I’m christening the North Phoenix 10K Invitational and invite anyone interested in running with me to come on out. I’m holding the event at the Paradise Valley Community College track. Why a track you ask? 1) Why not, I’ve never run a 10K on a track; 2) Track surface is easy on the feet; 3) Wicked fast.

This is a totally unsupported event. There is no fee, no tee shirts, no water stations, no timing chips, no officials, no lap counters, no nothing - just me and who ever wants to join me for a good time.

Location: PVCC – South East corner of 32nd Street and Union Hills Road
Parking: See link to SITE MAP – Use lot on the South West part of campus
Time: Warm Up at 7:00 ish – Racing starts at 7:30 AM
Entrance Fee - $0
Prize Money - $0
Finisher Awards – None
Timing – Each runner provides self timing – if you tell me you ran a 36 minute 10K and finish 5 minutes after me that is what I’ll report.
Results – Official results will be posted on my blog on Saturday afternoon

Note to Tony – My goal is to run a sub 45:00 10K. I know you want to go under 45 minutes and I’d be happy to pace you.

Note to faster runners – Come on out and see how many times you can lap me
Note to slower runners – I’ll stay and cheer you on until you finish

Running for today: Simple 4 miler with 6x100m srtide outs. Not to exciting and nothing to report other than I did it.

Training for the week:

Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 7.7 miles w/5x600m @ 6:31/mi pace
Wed: 11.2 miles, medium long, 8:58/mi avg pace
Thr: Rest Day
Fri: 4.2 miles, easy, 8:28/mi avg pace


Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool, Phil. I wish I could join you tomorrow, but I have plans already. Good luck and have fun. I hope you hit your goal time.

Anonymous said...

way cool. If I was in Phoenix and hadn't just had surgery, I'd totally come!

10k on a track... actually, not that bad. My favorite race in college. Since this isn't a sanctioned event, you might want to reverse directions every mile. Safer on your knees and arches and also handy to keep track of how far you've gone.

If you haven't gone that far on a track before, I reccomend wearing LOOSE rubberbands (not tight on your arm) and I would switch one to the other wrist every half mile.

Enjoy your almost 26 laps!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Saturday. Hope you get a good turn out. Have a nice weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

haha! Looks like there are posting problems all over. I just wanted to say thanks for working so hard to send well wishes with the posting issues. :) Good luck with your "race" tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I'm already committed to run with Team in Training or I'd be up there.

Hope you have a great turn out and plan this again in the future.

Arizona, USA

bapp said...

I heard that Robert Cheruiyot may be the first elite runner to commit to the inaugural North Phoenix 10K Invitational. He is apparently tired of all the prize monies and awards. And Lance Armstrong maybe running tomorrow as well - but he needs some pacers. Nice job on making up your own tune-up race. Good luck and congrats with what I am assuming to be your first run as a race director.

Mike said...

A bench and a few bottles with gatorade and water could technically be called a water stop, couldn't it? Have fun out there Phil, don't lose track of the laps (maybe a handful of pebbles like in "Once a Runner".

Love2Run said...

That's a real hoot! Wish I lived nearby cause I'd be there in a flash. Hope you get some company and good luck as race director!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh that should be fun!!!

Ewen said...

Damn, too late for me to fly over! Male and female winners are invited to compete in the ACT 10,000m Championships on January 11.

Good luck Phil. Counting laps by kms works for me (every 2.5 laps take a split).

Anonymous said...

Were I not on the other side of the country I'd totally be there.

Have a great *race*!

Anonymous said...

That's it, I'm moving! Damn, you all have good races.

Have a great one -- have fun.