Saturday, December 02, 2006


Took in a slow (very slow) 5 mile recovery run this morning. It was about all I was up for after yesterday's LT. Best of luck to everyone running marathons on Sunday, including Michele (Memphis)
and Mike (California International).

I'll be in Tucson over the weekend without my PC, so I'll catch up on the results and the rest of your blogs on Sunday night. Have a great weekend.


Mon: 6.2 miles w/ 6x100m strides, 8:34/mi avg pace
Tue: 12.0 miles, easy, 9:01/mi avg pace
Wed: Travel Day
Thr: Rest Day
Fri: 12.3 miles w/7 miles @ 7:39/mi, 8:18/mi avg pace
Sat: 5.1 miles, recovery, 9:08/mi avg pace


Anonymous said...

Looks like a packed week. Good job! Aren't recovery runs the best?

Have a nice trip!

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend as well!

Anonymous said...

Looks great.

Anonymous said...

have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, Great Blog!

I am a newbie runner/blogger and found you from Michele's... Have a great week and I am sure I will be stopping by from time to time.

Thanks, Bob