Sunday, December 10, 2006

This is tough

Holy crap Batman. I thought last week was tough, but it was a stroll through the park compared to this week. Who in their right mind runs an 18 Miler the day after hitting a 10K PR? Evidently, anyone following le Marquis de Pfitzinger's Advanced Marathoning program. I've always taking either a rest day or a light recovery run the day after a 10K; so trying to go out and do a long run is yet another new experience for me on this program.

The weather was again perfect this morning with temperatures just below 50F when I headed out for what was suppose to be a 17 miler. Instead of running my usual 5 mile loop course, I decided to run towards Scottsdale and do more of an out and back instead. The first 5 miles went very well and I was able to hold a pace just under 9:00/mi. After the first 5 miles, I went off road and started an 8 mile loop along the dirt trails of the Reach 11 Rec Area. I ran clear out to Scottsdale Road and by the time I hit the turn-around point, I'd already gone 9 miles and was really starting to drag. Running on the soft dirt trails within the park was tough. I thought that it would be easier on my feet and reduce the pounding, but the uneven surface and areas of soft sand actually made it more difficult to run and my pace dropped down to the 9:15+ range.

Once I got out of the park and back on solid asphalt, my pace started to pick up, but really never recovered. After 15 miles, this run definitely had lost its romance. I just wanted to get home and stop running. It's a good thing that I have a rest day on Monday because I don't think I could run another mile right now.

If you get a chance, stop by and congratulate Lana. She ran the Las Vegas Marathon on Sunday and finished in 4:08.

Have a great week.

Training for the week:

Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 7.7 miles w/5x600m @ 6:31/mi pace
Wed: 11.2 miles, medium long, 8:58/mi avg pace
Thr: Rest Day
Fri: 4.2 miles w/ 6x100m strides, 8:28/mi avg pace
Sat: 10K Race, 7:12/mi avg pace + 5.6K warm up/cool down
Sun: 18.0 miles, long, 9:10/mi avg pace

Total Mileage for the week: 50.7


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do remember writing a few entries very similar to this one when I followed the Pfitzinger program for my last marathon. Those runs are tough, but I guess they're the ones that give you the most benefit.

You're doing exceptionally well, Phil. You're set for some great PRs.

Mike said...

You're tenacious Phil. This reminds me of the back to back workouts I enjoyed so much during my last build, so I'll share some of what my coach told me about these, roughly paraphrased. By going into this run with many of your slow-twitch fibers already fatigued, you hopefully forced more of your fast-twitch fibers (which are less efficient) to share the load earlier in the run. You'll need all the fibers eventually during the marathon, so being able to recruit and activate these faster-twitch fibers while running at moderate paces instead of while blazing down the track in a V02 max session you are giving them a taste of what they'll have to do come marathon day. Isn't adaptation fun?

Do keep in mind these fast-twitch fibers take more to get them going, so they also take more to recover.

I agree with Thomas, you really are doing great.

stephruns said...

So you live in Scottsdale? That's so cool. I would love to move there one day...

running by myself for 18 miles often is no fun. that's why i like to run races; makes me running more enthusiasticly.

D said...

YOu are hilarious (your "race" report.) The fact that the guy (your opponent) didn't understand that he was competing and he had a DNF is still making me laugh! Nice job on your running! We're going to have to rename your blog to FASTPHIL.

carmen said...

you're incredible phil! i admire you tremendously for how well you stick to your training plans. it seems that nothing deters you from running. i need to learn a lesson or two from you. seriously.

i keep coming up with the excuse of work and being too exhausted to run. it's been a week and a day since my half marathon and i haven't run. ugh. i better start now.

i'm excited for the 30k this weekend. i'm sure you'll blow like the wind again. :)

tb1 said...

Good Job Phil! I'll be at reach 11 on Saturday for the Frosty 10-miler.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Phil! I loved the "race" report. Good job with handling all of that mileage.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's tough! Nice job getting out there and doing it, and though I'm certain some of the softer surface may help you in the long run (hehe) you do pay the pace toll.

Anonymous said...

Wow - you should be invincible after this program!

Yvonne said...

belated congrats on the 10K pr. awesome!

Anonymous said...

Phil did I tell you yet I've bought the book weeks ago!!!I've also been reading up on the plan tha Mike in Canada is doing also. I'm not sure which seems tougher!!but both will be a challenge for me. Nice job!! enjoy your rest day today!!!

Anonymous said...

I just ran a 10k PR too... But I did absolutely nothing the next day.

I am inspired.

Hilda said...

I got so courious with all you guys say about this pfitzinger program that I also bought the book, training with knowledge is fun, now what I need is the strenght that you guys have :D

Ewen said...

I don't know what Pete says, but I'd be recommending running at a very easy pace if running that far the day after a race. Hope you pull up well after the rest day Phil.