Sunday, January 07, 2007

Last longish run

This morning was the last semi-long run of my marathon training and the weather gods were smiling. Right after sun-up the skies were clear and the temperature was at a cool 34F (1C), so I left my house with my long sleeve running shirt, shorts and gloves. With no wind and the sun peeking out from between the trees, I was certainly toasty warm for my 1st 5 mile loop; although I was starting to sweat quite a bit by the time I got to 4 miles. I finished up the first lap feeling great with an average pace of 9:06/mi and my heart rate stayed around 133.

I swung back to my house at the end of 5 miles and dropped off my dog, gloves and long sleeve shirt and headed off on the 2nd loop wearing the same gear I wear throughout the summer when the temperatures are closer to 90F (32C). The cool air on my skin was invigorating and I really sped up on mile 6 (perhaps too much), but settled back into 9:00/mi pace by the time I got to mile 7. My average pace on the 2nd lap was 8:52/mi and my heart rate stayed close to 137.

I added an extra mile loop to the last lap to bring the lap distance up to 6 miles but found my mind drifting to other thoughts and I lost track of what I was doing. My HR dropped back down to 133 and my pace was dropping off as well, so I picked up the pace to correct the problem on mile 12. However, my breathing was getting a bit heavier as my heart rate drifted up to 140, but pushed on to keep my average lap pace under 8:58/mi. I pushed a lot harder on mile 15 and 16 to get up the last couple of hills and maintain a decent pace (see elevation chart below). After 16 miles I was ready to call it a day.

Well, I got through my first week of the taper. My weight is up, my diet sucks and my energy levels are down. Next week I’ll be in Seattle, but I should be able to get all my runs in. I only have one tough run scheduled next week, a 8mi w/3x1600 @ 7:00/mi on Wednesday. As long as it isn’t snowing, I should be able to get this run completed. I also need to focus on eating well. I think my energy issues and weight are related to my poor eating more than anything else. I am taking Mike's advice to heart and laying off the beer and ice cream until after the marathon, but my body is craving high fat / low carb foods as the mileage drops off (I think Anne warned me about this). I hope this 16 mile jaunt will turns things around.

I wish you all a great week of running.

Training for the week:

Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 8.9 miles w/5x600m @ 6:51/mi pace
Wed: 5.0 miles, recovery, 9:16/mi avg pace
Thr: Rest Day (ZZZZzzz)
Fri: 4.1 miles w/6x100m strides; 8:39/mi avg pace
Sat: 8k @ 7:28/mi avg pace + 2.7 mile Warm up
Sun: 16.1 miles, medium-long, 8:56/mi avg pace

Total Mileage for the week: 41.7 miles

Elevation Profile - Not exactly flat, but not too hilly either:


Love2Run said...

Nice run Phil. I think you deserve 'one' beer after that! Get your rest and savor the taper. I'll be following along with baited breath ;-)

Nicole said...

Nice job on the run.

And thanks for all the advice on the tempo run - hopefully this week's tempo will be better!

stephruns said...

i think a right diet is important to improve your running. i changed mine and hey, maybe it's my imagination, but I run better on protein!!!!

have a great taper!

J~Mom said...

Great job on your run. I would have trouble eating well in Seattle...too much coffee (and then not enough water)! LOL Hope it stays dry so you can run while you are there!

Bapp said...

Beer and ice the same time? I guess that could be a float of some sort. Congrats on your last longish run. BTW, Seattle will be cold next week - highs in the low 30's with possible snow on the forecast.

Pat said...

You'll do great in Carlsbad. I assume a lot of the course is along the ocean. Should be beautiful.


Thomas said...

Phil, I can assure you I am very familiar with the taper-induced madness. I think during my last taper Niamh was close to calling those nice men with in long white cloaks to prepare a lovely soft padded cell for me.

Ah yes, the old 3x1600 before the marathon. Pfitz has that workout in every single plan he's ever written.

Ewen said...

That's a good medium-long run Phil.

My problem used to be eating more during the taper because I had more time to eat!

Dusty said...

Be careful about low carbs when you are training for a marathon. Your body needs the carbs when you are putting in those kinds of miles. A friend of mine ignored my advice and went low carbs. Her marathon time was a half hour or so slower and she was a mess after it. Low carbs are great if you only sit on the sofa.

Are you getting the right foods and enough calories? If you are upping your mileage, make sure you are getting enough. I gained a lot of fat in college when I upped my mileage to train for the 10,000 on the track and wasn't that hungry (only eating about 1200 calories - can't eat after I run & was running 2x a day min). Nutritionist said I needed to be at 5,000 calories a day. When I started eating more, my weight dropped and I felt less sluggish. Not sure if that is what is going on with you - but when you train hard - you need to make sure you check that you aren't eating too much as well as you are eating enough. Might want to try a food diary for a week & count the calories to see which way you are going. I was still eating candy bars when I was at 1200.

olga said...

Oh, the taper madness...I blame my weight jumps on PMS, sorry, you can't:)
Seattle will be rainy, it might snow as well. Hopefully, not Wed though.

Deene said...

best wishes on your nutrition so that you have plenty of energy for the marathon.
hint: ice cream goes well with pinto grigio instead of beer

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh i LOVE how you sum up the taper!

StumbleGuy said...

Is it beer and ice-cream you're thinking of when your mind drifts off ...?

Nice run.


Anne said...

Yep. Those cravings are quite normal. Your taper must be going just fine.

DawnB said...

Great job Phil good luck in Seattle
next week!!