Saturday, January 06, 2007

No PR in Sight

It was certainly a disappointing morning. The skies were clear and temperatures in the mid-40s with a stiff breeze coming out of the north. This is just great weather. Cool enough to warm up in a long sleeve shirt, but not so cold that it's uncomfortable to run at speed in a short sleeve shirt and shorts.

Despite the fine weather, the run wasn’t all that good. The track at PVCC is set up along a north-south alignment and every timeI went around the south end of the track and headed norhth back into the wind I felt as if I was running straight up hill. Gliding down the west side of the track with the wind at my back was fun, but running into the wind really wore me down.

The first couple of laps were right on pace, but I soon started to fade. After the first 1600 hundred I knew I was still a few seconds up on my required pace, but on the 2nd 1600, I was loosing 3 seconds per lap. I had thoughts of making up the lost time on the last half of the run, but it wasn’t to be. I just kept slowing down lap after lap. A fellow in a NAVY sweat shirt showed up about 12 laps into the run and I chased after him for a few laps, but I just couldn’t get my lap times back on target.

Final result – 8000m in 37:06 – 7:28/mi avg pace.

400m Splits: 1:43, 1:48, 1:49, 1:49, 1:48, 1:51, 1:51, 1:52, 1:52, 1:52, 1:54, 1:52, 1:53, 1:53, 1:52, 1:54, 1:54, 1:55, 1:56, 1:55

Training for the week:

Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 8.9 miles w/5x600m @ 6:51/mi pace
Wed: 5.0 miles, recovery, 9:16/mi avg pace
Thr: Rest Day (ZZZZzzz)
Fri: 4.1 miles w/6x100m strides; 8:39/mi avg pace
Sat: 8k @ 7:28/mi avg pace + 2.7 mile Warm up


Love2Run said...

Hey, don't sweat it Phil. Besides it's near impossible to run pr's in training. You need a race with prospective roadkill ahead to keep the adrenalin flowing. Pfitz has alot of race efforts in his plan that I just tended to ingore or just do a tempo run instead. You will rock on race day!

Mike said...

Bummer about the wind, but I agree with what Canada Mike says above about this sort of thing being easier on race day. Enjoy the last long(ish) long run and get in the runs next week.

Ewen said...

The effect of a strong wind on a track is cumulative - both physically and mentally. Without it I'm sure you would have gone close to a PR.

Dusty said...

They say running in the wind is harder than uphill because you can see what is coming at you and you can't with wind.

Looks like you got a good workout in - probably a better one than you would have on a calm day. :)

J~Mom said...

We were at a soccer game this morning and indeed we felt that cold wind. Sorry that you didn't get that PR in.

Feminist Runner said...

Ah, the wind is such a nemesis! Still, you battled it well. You're so close, it's really snuck up on me.

olga said...

As Scott Jurek kept telling me: look at the Big Bear. You'll be fine.