Friday, January 05, 2007

Taper Schmaper

I’m singing the taper blues. Here it is Friday and my total mileage for week is an outstanding 18 miles. Yes folks, for the 1st 5 days of the week I’ve racked up 18 whole miles. Just count them: 9 on Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday and 4 on Friday. How does he ever do it? Instead of rejoicing at the low volume of activity, my body is complaining very forcefully. My weight is shooting up and my legs feel down right lethargic. I’m also getting all sorts of phantom pains. Yesterday, I knelt down to play with my dog and I felt a sharp pain in my right knee when I stood up. I limped around for 30 minutes after that. Last night my neck hurt so much that I considered digging dig out a hot compress so I could sleep. Then this morning, I thought I was developing shin splints. I’m a wreck. At this rate, I’ll need to hire an ambulance to get me to the start line.

Things ought to improve this weekend. I have a simulated 8K race scheduled for Saturday morning and Pfitz is allowing me to run 16 miles on Sunday. If I can get below 35:41 for my 8K, I’ll have my first PR of the year. I’m running the 8K at Paradise Valley Community College - PVCC (Union Hills & 32nd Street) around 8:00 AM Saturday morning. Drop me an eMail if you’re interested in joining the race. I may push the start time out to 9:00 AM to allow the air temp to warm up a bit. The forecasted temperature for 8:00 AM is 36F (2C)

Hope your week is going better than mine:

Training for the week:

Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 8.9 miles w/5x600m @ 6:51/mi pace
Wed: 5.0 miles, recovery, 9:16/mi avg pace
Thr: Rest Day (ZZZZzzz)
Fri: 4.1 miles w/6x100m strides; 8:39/mi avg pace


J~Mom said...

Phil, Are you going to have race t-shirts to pass out tomorrow? How about water stations? If so then I am there. I love a free t-shirt.

Sorry about the phantom pains...I had all of those crop up before my 5K and it was just a 5K. You are going to do great, try to enjoy the taper.

Thanks for the help on my foot. I do think it is the tendon as it feels 100% right now. I will add some of those foot exercises to my routine.

Let us know how the 8K goes. I really would join you if I thought I could even keep up at all.

Anne said...

Taper time drives me crazy too. In addition to the phantom (and sometimes all-too-real) pains, I get these massive cravings for high-fat foods. I hope our weather holds out for you. It's been cool and relatively dry -- perfect for a marathon.

DawnB said...

Have a nice weekend Phil. I always thought 3 weeks was too long for a taper!!Hope you get company for your 8k and have a good run on Sunday

Love2Run said...

OK, now save the beer and ice cream for after the race! I'd love to join you but will have to do it virtually instead. Have a good run.

Bapp said...

Your marathon is quickly sneaking up on us - well probably not you. Congrats for making it to the taper. You have done great in your training. It is all down hill from here...right?

Ewen said...

Another trophy for the cabinet Phil ;)

I'd love to join you but the 2 hour wait at customs is a bit off-putting.

Good luck, and yes, my week is going better than yours :)

Feminist Runner said...

Oh, the phantom pains! I hate that! Good luck on the 8K.