Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This Training Cycle is Finished

I’m taking your advice and resting for the last 3 days before the race. Since tonight’s 7 miler was my last run for this training cycle, I thought I go back through my log and see what I did:

Total Mileage: 793
Average MPW: 45
Time spent Training: 118 Hours
Average Pace: 8:57/mi
Runs over 17 miles: 8
Longest Run: 20.44 miles
Number of PRs while Training: 4 (8K, 10K, 10Mi, 30K)

My last run started out great. After I got home from my daughter’s soccer game (they won 2 : 0) at 8:30, I took off with my dog and head lamp along one of my standard 7 mile courses. The night was cool, around 49F, so I wore shorts and a long sleeve top. I could have done without the top, but I didn’t intend to put a lot of effort into this run and the extra installation was fine.

The first three miles went great. I had to remind myself to slow down and take it easy. Per Pftiz, I was planning to run the last two miles at MP (8:30), but my pace kept drifting towards MP without any coaxing, so I constantly had throttled back. However, on mile 4 I could feel the back of my right leg (about two inches above my ankle) start to tighten up. As I suspected, this is the precursor for the tingling sensation in my right foot which is quickly followed by the numbness I’ve described in the previous two posts. I tried to do toe clenches while running to relax my foot, but that really didn’t work. I tried a few other things to change my gait, but the foot continued to go numb; however, I kept up the pace and didn’t slow down.

Once I got through mile 5, I accelerated to MP and significantly overshot, so I had to slow down again to ensure I didn’t over do it. My right foot was numb by this time, but I thought it would be a good idea to see how this played out under marathon conditions. I hit the end of Mile 6 right at 8:30, turned the corner and headed off into the dark on mile 7. The numbness wasn’t getting any worse and it never progressed to the same point it did yesterday. In fact, when I turned the last corner and headed for home, I was starting to get feeling back in the foot. By the time I got to the end of run, only the bottom of my foot along the centerline from my toes to my heel was numb. It sort of felt like running with a roll of pennies lodged in my shoe. Perhaps if I had run another mile or so, the feeling would have gone away altogether.

Once I reached my street and started walking up the hill to my house, my foot was completely normal within 45 seconds. With any luck, with three days rest and a bit of stretching, I won’t be problem solving like this in Carlsbad with 19 miles to go in the race.

Thanks again to everyone who has encouraged me and provided great advice over the past 18 weeks. I certainly wouldn’t have tried this had it not been for you and hence, you all deserve a great deal of credit for prodding me to get into the best shape of my life. I truly appreciate your support. I’ll have my computer with me in California, but I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to post before I have to return home on Sunday afternoon. Anyone interested can look up the results on the Carlsbad Marathon Web Site. My bib number is 956.

Training for the week:
Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 6.2 miles w/2 @ MP; 8:49/mi avg pace
Wed: 7.2 miles w/2 @ MP; 8:38/mi avg pace
Thr: Rest Day
Fri: Travel Day
Sat: Rest Day


Ewen said...

That's an encouraging sign Phil. The three days off will also do you good.

Have a safe trip. I hear it's cold in California - might be perfect marathon conditions :)

Good luck for an enjoyable and injury-free race!

Thomas said...

Good Luck, Phil. After all the hard work, you're going to smoke that course.

david said...

Good Luck Phil, your first marathon is a once in a life time experience. Enjoy the moment. I know you will do GREAT!

Sempre Libera said...

Good luck to you!

J~Mom said...

Good luck on Sunday!!!!!! You have worked hard and now enjoy!!!!!

stephruns said...

have a great race. you will do awesome. can't wait to hear all about it.

Hilda said...

Great to know about your success during this training period. Not only you are in the best shape of your life as you said but reached it with great performance.

Enjoy your glory days at the marathon, have a nice trip and good luck!

Michele said...

Good luck at the marathon. You ahve trained hard and will do awesome.
Look forward tot he race report.

Love2Run said...

Enjoy and savor this 1st marathon. There will be no other like it and you will do your best. I can't wait for the report.

Pat said...

Good luck Phil. I know you'll do great.


Anne said...

Wish I could be on the sidelines to root for you (and provide emergency rations). The half sold out today, so the course will be full for the first third before you head for the hills. Let's hope this ideal, 45-50 degree weather holds up.

Bapp said...

Will be sending you good vibes on Sunday. It is nice to have some good luck on race day even though you have done such a great job with all your preparation. Do awesome.

Mike said...

I'll send some extra mojo your way from Tucson. One look at the list in the post shows the time and effort you've put into your condition, now all that's left is to let it shine on race day. Run strong.

Darrell said...

All the best Phil. Go give Carlsbad all you've got.

Feminist Runner said...

Good luck, Phil! You are going to rock Carlsbad!

Deene said...

Best wishes at Carlsbad! here's a mantra if you get bored : kick'em when they up, kick 'em when they're down. :)

olga said...

Great cycle, and have an awesome day!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Good luck, Phil! You did the training, now enjoy the ride!!

DawnB said...

Phil, good luck. Have a wonderful race!!You did amazing things during your training!!!Nothing but good vibes from me to you!!!956 my eyes on you the whole way now go kick butt!!

D said...

Great recap Phil! You should be running as I type this. Good Luck! I can't wait to read your race report!!

Lana said...

Phil - I'd say you are running while I type this. I am so excited for you! You have really trained hard, and I have enjoyed reading your blog. Your dedication has really been inspiration to me. Best of luck out there - but you don't need luck - you are prepared. I'll check the results as soon as they are out! Go PHIL!!!!

Pat said...

Hi Phil,

Thinking of you. You've finished by now and I'm sure you did well. Hope to see the race report soon.

arizona, USA