Friday, February 09, 2007

The 24 Hour Calf Blog

This blog is quickly turning into the “follow the healing calf” report. Perhaps I should strap a GPS receiver to the thing so you can track its progress from home. Things are marginally better today. Most remarkably, I found myself walking down stairs normally without thinking about landing on my left heel instead of my left toe. I still have a little residual soreness, but no acute pain (I think that’s good).

Another hour at LA Fitness on the EFX eliptical machine gave my quads a good workout tonight and kept my heart rate up. Unfortunately the HR monitor on the machine wasn’t picking up the signal from my chest strap so I’m clueless as to the avg HR during the workout; although I think it was pretty high in the last 30 mintues as I increased the inclination to maximum to ensure I got a good workout on my quads.

I did run into a fellow I know casually from work. I haven’t seen him in 6 months, but when he stepped onto the machine next to me I thought I recognized him. Folks sure look different when they’re all hot and sweaty. Anyway, I had someone to talk to during some of the workout. But once he left after the first 30 minutes, I just cranked up the tunes on my MP3 player and kept on churning along. All the TVs in the gym seem to be showing nothing but nauseating pictures of Anna Nicole in an endless loop. I grew weary of this story after the 1st 15 seconds, so I didn’t have much to watch either.

I do make one observation concerning idiosyncratic behavior in Phoenix this evening. As I pulled into my neighborhood with the top down on my Mustang and still wearing only a technical top and shorts, I caught a whiff of the distinctive odor of wood burring in a fire place. It’s 68F (20C) and one of my neighbors finds it necessary to have a fire burning. The pollution in Phoenix is terrible this time of year and this guy (it has to be a guy) has a fire going. What are these people thinking?

The smell of logs burning on a fire when it’s warm enough to wear shorts always reminds me of Richard Nixon (I should have added this to my weird list). There were repeated stories during the Nixon presidency that he’d crank up the refrigeration in the White House during the summer and had the fireplaces lit. I don’t know if this accurate or just another urban myth, but I find myself mumbling, “I’m not a crook” when I pass a house while wearing shorts and notice that they have the fire roaring (perhaps they’ve got extra Christmas chestnuts in need of a good roasting)

Have a great weekend.


Ewen said...

You should have a chat over the fence and say "listen mate, if you left those trees in the ground, instead of burning them, the polar bears would have ice to walk on". But then again, maybe he wouldn't understand.

Feminist Runner said...

There's this delightful little Arts & Crafts house next to the HS track where I have been speeding. Delightful. Cute. I love it. Except for the freaking fireplace thing. The hearth is the center of the family, my ass, Arts & crafts movement! Wood burning = bad for heavy-breathing runner.

I like your idea about the GPS for your calf. Can it text me?

Pat said...

Glad to hear your calf is coming along. Do you think it's a post marathon injury? Or would it have happened either way?

Hopefully the thought of staying home in front of the fireplace kept the neighbor from getting into his car, driving all around town and adding to our brown cloud. Ok, call me an optimist.

Arizona, USA

and no, I don't have a fireplace and I have an electic lawn mower and a teenager that thinks it's ok to wait a month between mowings.

J~Mom said...

Cracking up at your fireplace observation. Very funny! Maybe your neighbor has never gone out and tried to run in the brown cloud. Hope the calf keeps getting better and better!

J~Mom said...

I forgot to ask you if you know of a good spot in Phoenix to run hills. The only place I can think of is Papago park without actually trail running. Any other ideas for me? I would like to at least have one run on some hills before Tucson which is supposed to be a hilly course. Out by my house it is flat, flat and more flat.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

We have two fireplaces but both are gas. Hubby gets cold before I do. When I do my trail races in a tshirt, he's bundled up in a

Anne said...

We got loonies in my suburb that crank the A/C and the fireplace. In fact, when major wildfires hit on the hottest day of the year, my first thought upon smelling smoke was, "Those weird neighbors are at it again."

Take close care of that calf.

stephruns said...

Unfortunately the environmental consciousness is really lacking in this country. I always shake my head when it’s finally summer and AC’s are on highest power so you have to put on you jacket not to be cold, which brings us right back to winter. There is just something wrong with this picture.

Runningdoctor said...

"As I pulled into my neighborhood with the top down on my Mustang "....

Dang, Phil. Somehow I thought you would drive a more "sensible" car.