Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Calf Report

The right calf continues its slow healing process. I walked 30 minutes yesterday (19:35/mi pace). I even entered it in my running log; every little bit helps. I got back to the gym tonight for another hour on an elliptical machine. Tonight I used a Precor EFX524i elliptical machine for an hour and kept my HR right around 131.

I still have a little residual soreness in the calf, but now that the swelling is under control, I think those of you that thought that I injured the soleus were correct. When I massage the leg, the soreness feels like it is under the gastrocnemius. At any rate, the light exercise and continued light stretching along with continued icing and compression seem to helping move things along. As good as it is doing, I’m being a good boy and keeping to my pledge not to run on it until it is pain free.

Hope your week is going great and to all my friends from the great plains of North America to the Eastern Seaboard … Stay warm.


Ewen said...

And down here, we're staying bloody hot. 32C yesterday - not sure what that is, maybe 88-90? We had our hottest January on record.

You're doing the right thing with the calf Phil - just keep coaxing it along.

olga said...

Paying off to be a good boy? One day I should put my foot where my mouth is...unless this will lead me to another quircky injury:)
Keep it slow and patient, Phill!

Feminist Runner said...

Be patient, Phil! I just caught up on your injury. It's always remarkable how we injure ourselves doing simple things.
Heal up!

tb1 said...

Good blogs PHil. Keep it up. I hope you and your family are OK.

Josh said...

Greetings from the Eastern Seaboard! Glad to hear that you are playing it safe. Sounds like your doing the right things.

Abadabajev said...

Of course it was the soleus.

STOP the stretching immediately. I repeat. Do not stretch the calf.

It's a micro tear. Do not stretch. yes do RICE.

The tear needs to repair itself. If you keep stretching, you are impeeding the healing progress by stretching the muscle. A micro tear means there is a small hole/crack in your muscle.