Monday, February 19, 2007

A weekend of soccer and some running

Sorry for not posting this weekend, but I worked all weekend at my soccer club’s invitational tournament, sharing Field Marshall responsibilities from 7:00AM until 9:00PM both Saturday and Sunday. Our location hosted 32 teams of U14 Girls (under 14 on August 1st 2006) and U15 Girls (under 15 on August 1st 2006) from all over the country. Of the 32 teams playing on our 5 fields, only 9 were from Arizona. The rest were from Utah, Oregon, New Mexico, Northern California, Virginia, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Kansas. I had a great time and only had 4 parent issues to deal with on Saturday and one irate team manager to deal with on Sunday.

In addition to working the fields, I also got to watch my daughter’s team play. They are struggling a little as they try to get back in shape after taking two months off to play High School soccer. But they held their own against the state champions from Utah, Oregon and New Mexico with two ties and and a 1 point loss. One of our starting center mid-fielders got hurt 10 minutes into the first game, so my daughter played non-stopped most of the weekend and played as well as I’ve seen her play this season. She even got her first score of the year with a header off a corner kick.

The irony is that she had already decided that this tournament was going to mark the end of her soccer playing at this level. She wasn’t getting enough playing time for the work she was putting in. In addition, she can’t really participate in any High School activity that requires any weekend or night commitments since she is either practicing or playing most nights and weekends. So after the best set of games she has had in a long while, she told her coach that she was resigning from the team effective immediately.

The poor guy was crestfallen. One of his starting center mid-fielders was down with a serious injury and her back up quits the same weekend. It wasn’t his weekend.

I did get in one run this weekend; a slow 3.1 mile run along a high-tension power line corridor directly adjacent the soccer fields. The run wasn’t anything to write home to mom about, averaging a 9:20 pace, but I got it done. I took today off as a recovery day and will begin a normal running schedule on Tuesday; albeit at a lower total mileage level than I’m use to. The calf continues to perform. Now I need to get the rest of body back in shape to handle the stress of marathon training.

Have a great week.


J~Mom said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend! That is hard for your daughter's coach but sounds like a great decision for her. Glad to hear that your calf is hanging on!

Thomas said...

There's no such thing as a "1 point loss" in soccer. You score goals, not points.

Americans! I'm just wasting my time here, amn't I?

Ewen said...

Does your daughter have some other sport? I hope so. She must have some talent - those headed goals from corner kicks are spectacular.

Lana said...

I understand where your daughter is coming from. I had to make some decisions like that in High School. When one thing takes up all of your time, you either have to really love it or decide if it's really worth the time. Good luck to her!

Glad to hear your are doing better!

DawnB said...

Phil, looks like you daughter made a decision that she felt she had to. I glad to see that you are supporting her. Most parents would have given her you started this you should finish. You're a great Dad.
Do this mean you are not going to be a soccer dad anymore?
Horay!! for the calf. I'm glad you getting stronger and stronger!!

Phil said...

Thomas ... of course you are correct. We score in goals. However, in my defense, I spent the weekend scoring matches which are scored in "points" (3 Points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss).

Ewen ... my daughter plays most sports but I think she may actually pick up running. She ran over 4 miles today. Don't know if she'll keep it up, but she did more than I did.

Dawn ... I'm still the team manager, so I guess I'm just a soccer groupie. We'll be at a training camp in Southern Arizona this weekend (just about have that one planned out), a tournament in Southern California in March I've started to plan and a tournament in Virgina this May that I need to get working on plus the State Championship which is played over 4 weekends in April so I'll have plenty to do.