Saturday, March 03, 2007

10 Miles or Bust

I finally got out beyond 10 miles this morning. The last time I ran further than 10 miles on a training run was 14 January 07 when I ran 12 miles at an 9:03/mi avg pace. With my allergies still acting up, I slept in until 7 this morning and headed out under near perfect Arizona conditions; temperature around 48F (9C), sun shining brightly and not a cloud anywhere. I had a choice to run either 6 or 10 miles this morning and over the first 3 miles, 6 looked liked it would be the magic number. I was very tight and just couldn’t get in the groove and relax. I was also very mindful of the disastrous attempt I had last weekend in Benson when I completely broke down on mile 8.

Fortunately, everything started coming together on mile 4. I was just taking it easy and wasn’t paying any attention to pace; however, it felt like was running somewhere between 9:00 and 9:30. My HR was hovering around 145; higher than I wanted, but not as bad as last weekend.

I passed the 5 mile point and decided to go for 10. Heck, I was already half-way to 10 miles and everything was feeling good. My black lab looked up at me as we passed our street, perhaps wondering where we were going next, but didn’t put up a fight as we ventured on down the road.

On mile 7, the wind picked up and smacked me in the face. Don’t know where it came from, but the palm trees were really swaying in the breeze and discarded wrappers and cups from fast-food joints were blowing by me. My HR shot up 5 points and I trudged on knowing I only had 2 miles before I’d turn a corner and have a nice tail wind on the home-bound leg. And the down-wind section did feel great. More remarkable was my feet. Altough I did have a slight twinge on the outside of the right ankle on mile 8, my right foot did not go numb. This is the first run over 6 miles that my right foot has held up since early January. Better yet, I'm starting to get feeling back in the toe pads of my 2nd and 3rd toe on the same foot. They've both been numb since Carlsbad.

Total distance 10.2 miles; 9:15/mi avg pace.

On a non-running note, my youngest daughter has decided to rejoin her soccer team and will start practicing again on Monday. I think the injuries that the girls on her team have suffered recently have been too much for her. The team has two girls out with ACL injuries (they won’t be back this year), one with a severe ankle sprain, one with a pulled quad muscle and our best forward out for 4 to 6 weeks with mononucleosis. What started out as a team with 18 girls has quickly whittled down to 12. With her returning to the game, I made reservations for our next two out-of-state tournaments today. The first is in San Bernardino, CA at the end of March and second at Rutgers University over Memorial Day weekend. Adding this to my own work related travel, it looks like I’ll be training for the San Diego R&R Marathon while literally on the road.

Have a great weekend


miss petite america said...

awesome run! things are lookin' up indeed!

Rosťa Bažanowski said...

Phil, thank you for prezentation my sites on your sites.I don´t speak in english, sorry. I´am Czech Republic (Jagr,Hasek,Havel).Your sites are very nice.I translate your sites in Czech language of automatic translator, sometimes.Automatic translate is smiling, because words have a few of word meaning.Word "calf" it automatic translates as if calf-animal :)

Dusty said...

Glad you are getting the feeling back in your toe! Good luck to your daughter!!

Mike said...

I'm still hoping you see a podiatrist one of these days Phil. That being said, it's nice to see you up in the double digits again. I'm also glad your daughter is interested in playing soccer again. I remember skipping one soccer season to play football in 9th grade. I broke my ankle the second game, and the day I got the cast off I was back on the soccer field, half a season late.