Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mid-Week Update

The nice thing about a leisurely 9 miler in the morning is that you have plenty of time to explore. I’m still investigating the hilly roads on the lower reaches of Look Out Mountain in north Phoenix looking for good routings and I did plenty of loops this morning while trying to figure out how the smaller side streets tie together. I realize a map would be a whole lot easier, but it’s difficult to get a feel for a place unless you have a chance to get your feet on the asphalt. Temperatures at 5:00 AM were a perfect 56F (13C). It was a great morning; however, I was out the door too early to watch the sun come up before I got back to the house and too rushed to take any pictures.

Not much else to report this morning. I saw a beautiful Husky running around loose, but he wouldn’t let me get close enough to see if he had tags. I also passed an idiot riding a bike (with no helmet) while trying to “walk” two rather large dogs on leashes. This part of town seems to breed crazy dog people. It must be something in the water.

Have a great week.

Training for the Week:

Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 7.0 miles w/10x100m strides; 9:08/mi; avg HR - 144
Wed: X-Train: Yoga
Thr: 9.3 miles; aerobic; 9;15/mi; avg HR - 144


Dusty said...

Nice way to start the day!

With my maze of a neighborhood (and ability to get lost) I map out some ideas on
this site
then put my feet to the pavement and use my Garmin map feature if (when) I still end up turned around.

miss petite america said...

yeah maps are really no help. you've got to experience the roads yourself...

i didn't encounter any crazy dog people this morning, only a crazy SUV driver who almost ran up on the curb to run me over on the sidewalk!

Journey to a Centum said...

You seem to be a crazy dog and crazy person magnet lately. At least you didn't run up on a fresh and recently chewed on bear buffet (deer)in the middle of the trial like a bloger friend of mine did near Yellowstone yesterday. I'm sure she ran a negative split on the way back to her car.

Yvonne said...

i couldn't agree more with your sentiment of getting to know a place at a running gait! done it lots of times myself

Josh said...

I love exploring on foot too. You find all sorts of interesting things that way. I've peeped a few of my favorite restaurants while running. I'd have never known they existed had I not run by them.

carmen said...

i remember when i was younger, i tried to "walk" my dog while riding my bike. the dog ended up getting excited by the sight of a rabbit and took off. i ended up biffing it in the dirt with a nasty cut on my knee. i didn't want to seem like a wimp in front of my dad who was also with us. so i casually played it off even though it hurt like hell.

i never did that idiotic thing ever again. haha

i still can't believe how you can wake up so early every morning. i can't get myself to do that consecutively. :(

Nicole said...

Wow - 56 at 5am. I was just excited to see 50 today at midday.
Sounds like a great run.

DawnB said...

you did good Phil. nice job