Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Road Rash

4 mile recovery; that's all I had this evening. Cognizant that I had invited all my friends in Seattle to dinner at 8PM, I started to worry when I was still sitting at work at 6:45. So I hurried back to hotel, tossed on my running gear and head out the door again. Instead of heading down to the Sammamish River trail, I opted for a simpler route, running 1.2 mile laps around the hotel neighborhood .

The first lap went pretty well, but as I started the second loop I tripped on a manhole cover sticking up ½ inch above the sidewalk. I immediately went down on all fours and scrapped my left knee on the rough side walk. I picked myself up and started up again. On the 3rd lap my right foot started to feel numb, but never went completely numb (thank God).

When I got back to my hotel room there was blood dripping down my left leg and blood had splattered on my right leg as well. I look like I’d been in a knife fight with a kick boxer. I didn’t feel any pain, but there was plenty of blood, with more slowly oozing out. I cleaned up the wound and headed off to dinner.

Before I went to dinner I looked at my blog and realized that no one from Seattle had read my post from the previous evening, so I’d be dining alone again. However, I still had a great meal. I had more salmon sashimi and a huge plate of stir-fried vegetables. Great eats. Nothing like raw salmon with plenty of wasabi!

Hope your week is going well. I still have to figure out how to fit in a 10 miler, 5 miler and 14 miler between now and Sunday. In between I need to work all day Thursday (starting at 7AM), fly to Phoenix, drive 350 miles to Ontario, California and drive back to Phoenix. I wonder how many laps I’d need to do up and down the aisle of an MD80 to get to 10 miles?

Shout Outs - It seems like nearly everyone was out racing this weekend with some excellent race reports. If you get a chance and haven't read these blogs, take a look.

Rose - Ran a great 14K in San Franscisco.
Eric and Olga - 50K (yes, 36 miles!) in Washington - having lots of fun in the mud
Lisa and Pat - half marathon in Tucson, Arizona. Lisa's race report will remind you why we run.
Tesso - half marathon in Queensland Australia. Finished in 1:40.56! Holy crap, that's fast.
Michele and David - Half Marathon in Nashville, TN ... real nice run and great race reports.


MON: Rest Day
TUE: 8.0 Miles with 4 miles @ 7:52/mi; HR - 141
WED: 4.1 Miles, Recovery, 9:22/mi; HR - 136


Sub said...

I had not seen your post but I'd have been up to joining your for dinner :) Bento Box is so close to work and home...

Your fall sounded nasty. Hopefully, there was no damage done.

Have fun travelling & squeezing in your runs!

StumbleGuy said...

Really, I tried, but I just couldn't get a flight which would arrive before you finished eating! I love Japanese food too.

Sorry to hear of your scrape with Terra Firma - hope it's just superficial damage. I bet it's been a while since you last skinned your knee though :)


Ewen said...

I must read those reports (although I've already read Tesso's). 50k in the mud sounds 'interesting'.

Good luck with getting the runs in. Probably about 400 laps, but they'd lock you up before then.

Mike said...

Jeez louise Phil- manhole covers, bouncing off cars and a foot that keeps going numb. You must really love running to put up with it all (especially with all the recent travel). That being said, your positive attitude about it all always makes me smile.

Good luck getting the rest of the runs in this week, and I hope you don't wake up with that knee sticking to the hotel sheets.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great dinner. Enjoy Seattle - I loved it when I was there.

Thomas said...

Math problems?
50k is about 32 miles, not 36. Of course it's still further than anything I've ever run. Until Sunday week, that is.

Deene said...

stupid manhole cover! glad it wasn't worse.

J~Mom said...

Owie on your fall. I hope everything heals up ok! Thank you so much for your kind shout out!
I hope you can get in all of that running, somehow I know you will squeeze it in!

jen said...

Great job squeezing the run in, but sorry about your fall. Youch! I fell hard in my last marathon, and ran 16+ miles with blood running down my leg too. It was awesome.

Have a safe trip and good luck fitting in those runs!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

"When I got back to my hotel room there was blood dripping down my left leg and blood had splattered on my right leg as well."

Yep, you may keep your official moniker as a "hard core" runner.

DawnB said...

Phil I hope you're feeling better today.

Dusty said...

You are quite the traveler. If you ever come to the Dallas area, I'll go to dinner with you!

Bummer about the knee - and your numb foot. Awesome that you kept trecking - I'm betting that anyone who saw you out there running knew better than to mess with you! Hope it heals well and without bruises/swelling that mess with your running.

stephruns said...

if I had been in Seattle I would have joined you for dinner!

hope your knee is ok!