Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Sun also Rises

This morning was my first day back on the Pfitzinger 18W/55 MPW plan and taking a page from Thomas’s play book, I decided add much hillier routes to my training regime than my usual run on the flats. As I’ve complained about many times since my quads feel apart near the end of the Carlsbad Marathon, I need to do something on this go-around to build up my ability to handle hills; both running up and running down hills. Wishing more muscular quads wasn’t getting me anywhere and I’ll never have the attention span and discipline needed to build them up in the gym, so the only other option is to actually put the work in and run up and down hills.

The only “hill” of any size is about two miles south of me (see picture below). This is the same hill were I evidently encountered the self-proclaimed “king of the mountain” on Sunday. However, this morning, I kept off the trails and stuck with the streets nestled along the lower reaches of the hill. This gave me two 150’ climbs over 0.5 miles (5.6% Grade) plus several more 100’ climbs over 7 miles route. It really worked my quads and didn’t really slow me down all that much; although my HR did take a beating on the up-hill sections. All in all, a great run.

In addition to the great hill run, I also got to see the sun rise over the eastern horizon just as I topped the last of the hills this morning. It was so nice to see the sun again in the early morning, and please remind me of this moment when I’m complaining of the stifling heat in July when the sky is getting bright before 5 AM.

Hope your week is going well.


Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 7.0 miles; General Aerobic w/ 10x100m strides; 9:08/mi; avg HR - 144

Lookout Mountain - This is the view out of my home office. The water tower in the left of the picture is as high as I got on the hill this morning.


Anne said...

I'm lovin' the earlier sunrise too. As you mentioned in an earlier post, the moon's been pretty spectacular to watch set too.

Hills changed the contour of my legs...will be interesting to see what it does to yours.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sounds like your training is really getting back on track, Phil. Good job!

miss petite america said...

you mathematical runners amaze me...is there any formula or guide to determine the grade of a hill?

after reading your previous post, i checked the elevations of my long run to see just how "hilly" it really was, but was stuck on what to do with the raw data...

i can't wait til spring forward next week! i'm sure you'll have more great pics to show then!

Love2Run said...

Back in the saddle, nice to see that. I think you're an addict. Now if only we could make some kind of heat exchange with you.

DawnB said...

Phil good to hear you are back on the plan. I'm sure you'll do great with the plan again!!!

J~Mom said...

Glad you are back to your plan! I need to add hills as well this next go around! I am going to be scoping out some different areas to run this summer.

Deene said...

sounds like you had a lovely run complete with sunrise. My spin classes that sessions that simulate hills have been great for my mountain running. I've noticed that I am strong in the hills over others during races ever since I started spinning.

Dusty said...

Thank you so much for the picture of lookout mountain!! I miss them so dearly!!

Nice run, you are always welcome to run the streets here with me in Texas, I can't go a quarter mile without some sort of incline. I wish I could take one of the mountains (and the dry heat) back with me from a visit -- oh and put a canal on the way to and from it.

Thomas said...

That hill will do.

Just don't repeat the same mistake I made. All went extremely well as long as I did the hills about 3 times a week. It went a bit pear-shaped once I got overly ambitious and ran hills 5 times a week. My hip still hasn't recovered completely.

Sempre Libera said...

Good call on the hill workouts. I'm always careful on the way down though - I used to barrel down the hills in Atlanta and then wonder why my knees would start to bother me every couple of weeks. I know better now :-)

I love that the sun is rising earlier! Makes it a little easier to drag my lazy self out of bed.

carmen said...

weird, i just read about training on hilly courses in order to improve running. well, duh, right?? this was in one of the latest runner's world issues. it did mention that our legs take the most toll running downhill and that took me by surprise because I thought it was easier.

I'm with you on training on hilly courses. I'm going to take up trail running soon.

Nice view of Phx, thank goodness I can't feel the heat from the photo!

Sub said...

You have a nice selection of hills waiting for you in Redmond :) The Sammamish trail is flat but try any of the streets heading from 148th Ave -> Lake Sammamish Ave.

Wishing you a super training cycle!

D said...

What a view from your home office! I am looking forward to following your progress during this new training cycle.

Re your last post: How frustrating when people do not know proper ettiquette. Your tendency to stay calm when faced with a moron like that dog owner is incredible. I know I couldn't not have been so calm. Nice job!