Thursday, March 15, 2007

À Toronto

I find myself in Toronto, Ontario this evening and there’s not much to report. I’m staying at the Renaissance Hotel by the airport because for $200 Canadian you get a nice room, a great gym, free Internet and several decent restaurants within walking distance. This hotel is 26 km from our facility; however, I find it much convenient to stay closer to the city and drive out to the suburbs in the morning than to stay out in the sticks somewhere and have to drive around looking for a place to eat.

The weather outside is mild by Toronto standards; -4C (25F) but there really isn’t where to run around here, so I headed down the gym after a couple of tele-cons for a 5 miler on the tread mile. Other than admiring those of you that are able to put in 10 or 15 miles on these things, I simply slogged through 5 miles on a “hill” course increasing the pace from 10/mi to 8:12/mi over the distance. HR stayed between 135 and 145 through most of the “run”

For the third night in 4 days I ate sitting at the bar in a restuarant. This isn’t good behavior if you’re trying to loose weight, but it is a great way to mingle with the locals. I also called up a good friend of mine that lives in the area hoping for a chance for some good dinner conversation, but she wasn’t answering her phone, so I ate alone.

Tomorrow it’s back to Phoenix and I don’t have to go anywhere else until next Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!


J~Mom said...

Stay warm. Sorry about the bar meal again, hopefully they had a good salad on the menu. At least you hopped on the treadmill for a bit, your pace sounds great!

Ewen said...

First run since 6' for me tomorrow Phil. Still in the mid-teens - perfect for running. If it got ot -10C I'd think about the treadmill.

I never felt 'unsafe' anywhere in the US - even in LA. I was most worried about bears out on the trails!

Dusty said...

Have a safe trip home! Sounds very cold. Dinners sitting at the bar alone while on business trips are often interesting. My favorite thing to do.

Rose said...

To me, the gym feels like work - the last thing I want to do when I'm not at it, but I'm still embarrassed to admit that I've never been on a treadmill.

While walking around Key West a few years ago, a local actually told us not to go south of the main tourist street because "it's all black down there." Needless to say, we went anyway, and found the only two good restaurants on the entire island.

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

DawnB said...

Have a safe trip home Phil I can see how bored you are. Enjoy the week.