Saturday, March 31, 2007

Who turned up the heat

I was tied up this morning and wasn’t able to get in my 4 mile recovery run before the sun came up. Instead, I waited until this afternoon … big mistake. The temperature is well over 80F (27C) and I was sweating up a storm by the time I got back to the house after 4 miles. Of course, I elected to run in the hills in my neighborhood instead of running on the flats. That could have had something to do with the amount of energy it took to finish.

On a happy note, our BLOGing friend Hilda is back up and running. She’s found a new place in the Dominican Republic and I think she’s has a more reliable internet connection. Stop by and leave her a comment if you get a chance. Any non-native English speaker that can maintain a blog in this language is well worth reading.


MON: Travel Day
TUE: 8.0 Miles w/10x100m strides; 9:01/mi avg pace; HR-142
WED: 5.0 Miles, recovery; 9:06/mi avg pace; HR - 145
THR: 5.2 Miles, recovery; 9:25/mi avg pace; HR - 135
THR: 10.1 Miles, medium-long; 8:54/mi avg pace; HR - 148
FRI: Rest Day
SAT: 4.1 Miles, Recovery; 9:36/mi avg pace


miss petite america said...

i definitely feel it when i can't get my run in early in the morning. the air is so much thicker and warmer once the sun's up.

i cannot believe you ran in the dark among the rattlesnakes. my heartrate would have been through the roof just imagining them. it's grossing me out now just thinking about it!!!

DawnB said...

Nice job Phil. I really was trying my best to take it easy this weeken. The race demon just wouldn't take no for an answer. I'm feeling good not sure how I'll feel tomorrow though :)

Ewen said...

Yes, it's great to see Hilda back. It must be so difficult training by yourself for marathons in that part of the world. I bet 27 would seem like a mild day for her!

Rose said...

80 degrees - that's good motivation to get up before the sun rises. It's amazing how much energy the heat zaps. But then, my recovery runs are always a slog, regardless of the temps :)

J~Mom said...

Blah tomorrow is supposed to be 90. Happy spring days are almost gone.

Amy said...

I'll trade your 80 degrees for my 80 degrees PLUS torrential pollen! Bet you don't miss that!

I often wonder around this time of year what the inside of my lungs must look like...all covered in yellow, I'm sure!