Sunday, April 01, 2007

15 Miles to Nowhere

My 15 miler this morning was a real chore. I got out the door before sun up and the temperature was an ideal 60F (16C), but I just couldn't get any power generated. In order to ensure I stayed hydrated this morning, I set up the course as 3x5 mile loops and cached a large bottle of power-aide at the starting point. The first mile felt pretty good, but after that I sort of settled into a 9:40/mi pace and never recovered. I'd push and speed up to 9:00 only to look down at my Garmin and discover that I was running 9:40 after a half mile. I never really got tired and never felt like quiting, but I just couldn't get moving.

Unlike my performance this morning, Anne ran an excellent 20K over a hilly course in El Cajon, California this weekend. In addtion, racing manic Dawn ran a 5K a week after completing the More Marathon.


MON: Travel Day
TUE: 8.0 Miles w/10x100m strides; 9:01/mi avg pace; HR-142
WED: 5.0 Miles, recovery; 9:06/mi avg pace; HR - 145
THR: 5.2 Miles, recovery; 9:25/mi avg pace; HR - 135
THR: 10.1 Miles, medium-long; 8:54/mi avg pace; HR - 148
FRI: Rest Day
SAT: 4.1 Miles, recovery; 9:36/mi avg pace
SUN: 15.2 Miles, medium-long; 9:36/mi avg pace

Total Mileage for the week: 47.5 miles


Love2Run said...

Not to nowhere. Every run counts and maybe especially the ones where you feel like dogdo. Remember when 15 miles was the impossible dream?

Michele said...

I hate those runs where I just settle into my old comfortable speed and can't seem to pick it.
At least you got it done. Congrats!

miss petite america said...

some days you got it and some days you don't. the days you don't quit though count for a ton :)

and your 15 miler was way faster than mine :)

Anne said...

Thanks for the nice mention, Phil.

Hey, they can't all be great runs. Otherwise, how could we tell the difference, right???

Journey to a Centum said...


Some days are diamonds.

Sounds like the week caught up with you. It's all about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hopefully the good is the norm.


Sub said...

I wouldn't worry about the pace for the 15 miler. You were probably a bit tired with all the travelling you are doing and perhaps still getting acclimatized to the heat. Nice week & thanks for sharing the pics!

J~Mom said...

You got out there and got it done! Hopefully the next one is faster for you!

StumbleGuy said...

If 15 miles at 9:36 is what you do on a bad day, you'll be tearing the roads up on a good one!


Ewen said...

You have days like that Phil. Still, it's great to be out there and moving, even if slowly.

Your weather is similar to ours right now - great for running!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Between the mileage, travel and the heat of the previous day, your body probably just wanted to give itself a breather. It will come back around.

DawnB said...

Phil sounds like alot of my runs at a much slower pace of course at least this only happens to you once in while!!! :) tomorrow will be a better day

aggie jogger '77 said...

Hey Phil, still a great run. I wish I had your speed. I participated in a training run yesterday and wasn't sure how far I would go. The route was over the actual marathon/half marathon route we will be running on April 29th. I ended up completing the half marathon route which is what I will be running on the 29th and even with a slow time I felt good. Stop over and see what Iv'e written about the day/weekend it was a true April Fool time.

stephruns said...

yeah- there are no junk-miles! you coudn't move, but still ran 15 miles!!!!!!!!! wow!