Wednesday, April 11, 2007

5 Mile Recovery

Tonight’s 5 mile recovery run was simply lousy. No particular reason for the run to be lousy. The temperatures were mild, around 82F (28C), winds were breezy but steady. I also changed the batteries in my head lamp which really improved the visibility (well duh!). But the run just sucked. I wanted to keep my HR below 140 since this was a recovery run; but that was difficult. Most of the way up the path my HR held steady at 141, higher than I wanted, but I just couldn’t run any slower. When I got to the turn around point, I was feeling OK, but might my foot was starting to go numb. Bummer.

On the way back, I picked up the pace a little and the numbness subsided a bit. But I just couldn’t get the HR under 140. It’s ridiculous that I’m running at 9:30/mi at a HR above my general Aerobic zone. I realize that recovery is supposed to be recovery, and I’ve got a history of running my recoveries too hard, but honestly, this go around I’m trying to be a good boy and run them slower and stay within my aerobic zone. But I got the feeling tonight that I could have hailed a cab and my HR would have been over 140.

Hope your week is going well.


MON: 8.2 miles, aerobic w/10x100m strides; 9:16/mi avg pace, HR - 144
TUE: 5.0 miles, recovery; 9:28/mi avg pace, HR - 141


J~Mom said...

Thank you so much for all of tips on the hr. I really think I do stay right in that range of breathing for my longish (over four miles) runs. Under that length I think I push up into the top of my hr trying to go faster. I have no idea why I am so fixated with my mile split times right now but I am. It's what is driving my training right now...improving mile times to pr on my 5K in May. Anyway, I will track some of the heart rates and you can see how high I get both on long and short runs.

Sorry about your yucky run tonight. I hate nights like that but it usually means your next one will be good!

Thomas said...

Once I got a bit more experienced I never took too much notice of the HR. I think it's more important what the effort feels like rather than what the HR monitor says. A raised heart rate over several days is a warning sign, but one run where the HR doesn't drop to the level where I want it doesn't really bother me.

Plus, as I got fitter my HR dropped anyway. I used to be a naughty boy who runs at a slightly higher HR than recommended; now, producing the same effort, my HR tends to be in the correct zone.

But don't take that as an excuse to run your recovery runs too fast. My point is that they should FEEL easy.

Btw, to me 28C/82F isn't mild. It's a heat wave.

Mike said...

I'm in total agreement with Thomas here. Sometimes just going with your RPE (rate of perceived exertion) instead of heart rate can save you some mental anguish. I also think that running above 75-80 degrees does introduce the whole cardiac drift thing as your blood gets diverted to the skin to cool you off.

Since you never said the run felt hard, I'm thinking things are still going along ok (except for that damn foot).

miss petite america said...

sorry i had to laugh at the image of you hailing a cab in the middle of the desert in the middle of a run.

Feminist Runner said...

I don't know much about heart rates (I don't have a heart) but mine is probably over 140 just sitting here.

Take care -- the hard runs remind us all how good the good ones are.

olga said...

I don't know, my "easy" runs that supposed to be done at 65%MHR (what is 125) never go lower than 145. I mean, I don't think I can go THAT slow, on EFX machine on just walking and reading thing I hit 135 easily and don't even breathe hard. Who knows?
So, is it 82F these days? I just realized you live at my next travel race location...

Laufenweg said...

hmmmm....i always think that the stuff i've been eating really effects my abilities. when i've eaten "well" i feel great. when i've eaten "poorly" my body lets me know right away - higher HR, sluggish feeling, etc. wish i had a nutritionist to help me along.

and the numb foot? did you have that looked at? is there a neuroma? that must be really uncomfortable.

at any rate, i expect to hear you say your next run is awesome. ha!

Dusty said...

Sorry you had a tough run, keep us posted on the toe - are you going to see a dr?

StumbleGuy said...

Like Thomas says, 28C is a heatwave this side of the water! Do you think this foot thing might be related to the way you run at different paces. From what I've read in the past, as you vary pace it does seem to subside, so perhaps varying pace before it goes numb might be preventative.

Or you could hop ... nah, bad idea.


D said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who found your temperature NOT mild. 82 is hot to me. . . yuck. I'm not looking forward to the temps creaping up!

What did you eat the day of this run? Food affects your runs as well as stress, weather, etc, etc. Without these runs every once in a while we wouldn't know what a great run is!