Sunday, April 29, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Sometimes in a team sport, you get beat by players on the on the other team; other times you simply got out coached. Unfortunately, I watched my daughter’s soccer team get royally out coached this afternoon. After a tough 40 minutes, we were tied 1:1 at half-time and had kept the ball down on our opponent’s side of the field for most of the game. However, in the second half as player after player started to fade in the 95F heat under the noon day sun, our coaches decided not to use our bench strength; hoping desperately that this one contingent of players would make something happen. Our opponent’s coach on the other hand, was substituting like mad. We have 18 girls on our team with no slackers. Why anyone would decide not to use this to our advantage, I’ll never know. Expecting 11 girls to run none stop for 80 minutes in this heat with the sun directly over head is nuts.

Anyway, the season is over. We lost 1:2 and finished the season #3 in the state. This is our highest finish ever and means we will be seeded for the tournament next year. Of course the soccer season is never really over. Our first tournament of the next season is in New Jersey at the end of May.

Enough soccer, on to running. Things didn’t go much better on the running front this morning. After two great runs this week, I had high expectations for my 20 miler this morning. I started out at 5:00 AM with an easy warm up over the first two miles and then took the pace down a bit, making sure I was staying well within my aerobic zone. Unfortunately, my left foot started hurting on mile 8 and by the time I got out to mile 9, my legs were starting to feel dead; you’d have thought I was trying to run a half marathon at a 10K pace. Soon after my Garmin beeped signaling the completion of 10 miles, my legs shut down and I couldn't get them to start running again. I walked the 2.2 miles home, which really put a big hurt on my average pace for the run.

Hope your weekend went better.

MON: Rest / Travel
TUE: 6.1 Miles w/7x100 strides; 8:42/mi avg pace
WED: Not enough sleep
THR: 12.0 Miles, Aerobic; 8:38/mi avg pace
FRI: 11.0 Miles, Aerobic; 9:02/mi avg pace
SAT: 5.2 Miles, Recovery; 9:06/mi avg pace
SUN: 12.4 Miles, ????; 14:05/mi avg pace

Total mileage for the week: 46.6 miles
Total mileage for the month: 190.2 miles


Laufenweg said...

shew! that's hot for the girls to play in so long! what was the coach thinking? my niece plays for a little team..and they don't have any subs. it's rough rough rough.

sorry you ran out of gas on your run. onward & upward!

StumbleGuy said...

Certainly sounds like a big ask for the girls to all play the whole match with no subs. Still, they do seem like fighters and placing 3rd from all the teams in that division is still damn good.

Sorry your run didn´t go as planned. Perhaps the match was 10 miles worth of stress and harsh language at the coaches!

All the best,


Thomas said...

Well, I'd say the soccer tournament went pretty well, considering. Number 3 in the state is hardly a bad result.

Sorry about your run. Keep recovering.

Mike said...

Sounds like kind of a tough weekend. The girls seem to have expected more and your 20 miler didn't exactly go to plan.

I have to think that the travel has some effect on the running, and obviously the heat takes a toll as well. We were cooking down here after about 7 in the morning, so I suspect it was much worse up there.

I really hope you can get that foot figured out too, it must kill the motivation when it starts hurting that early.

Hey, if you're looking for a tempo run there's the Cinco de Mayo 10K this Sunday down here (since there's no soccer for a short time).

Hilda said...

At least the season has ended, they will rest from the sun.

Hope next attempt goes better :) you know it will!

Gotta Run said...

Hate to hear that you still are having that same foot problem. Weird! Try and keep a good attitude about it and I hope it disappears soon.

Funny how pains and aches come and go. It is a sign of living!!

Anne said...

Sure sounds like your daughter and her team gave it their all. Bummer about the run. This isn't similar to the foot pain you had earlier in the year, is it?

J~Mom said...

Oh man sorry about the game. Hope the next run is better! Do you think it was the same foot problem?

Bruce said...

Thanks for the advice, I'm coaching my six year old's team. I must remember to keep the subs rolling! Hope the foot comes right soon. I know that frustration as well.

Jason The Running Man said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad run. Crazy the coach didn't use the bench!

jen said...

Congrats to the team on a #3 season finish! That's incredible.

Sorry you had a rough run, but that doesn't surprise me too much as it happens to me too. You've been working hard, and all your training kind of caught up to you in that run. But you'll get a second wind and with a nice taper be completely fresh for the marathon. Keep it up!! :)