Sunday, April 22, 2007

Le Tour de Nord de Phoenix

I was greeted by another beautiful morning today and spontaneously decided to run my weekly long run as a single loop instead of the more rational 5 mile loops which get me back to my water cache every 45 minutes or so. Of course I made this decision a half mile into the run when I found myself with a green light on the road heading west.

At first, I didn’t really have a clue where I was going. However, I finally, worked my way south to North Mountain Park. Along the way, I passed a homeless fellow sleeping under a bridge (didn’t wake him up) and tripped and fell into a large creosote bush while running along the rocky trails in the park. Fortunately, I didn’t get banged up too bad; getting through with only a few scratches on my arms and legs, a very sore large toe on my left foot (from striking the rock) and banged up pinky finger that hit another rock on the way down. The spill could have been a lot worse for sure; however, the fall took a lot of the fight out of me and I slowed way down for the reminder of the run in the park and exited about as fast as I could.

I spent the rest of the run on paved streets. These weren’t as pretty, but far less treacherous. When I finally got back to the starting point, I’d covered 16.4 miles. This is the longest single loop run I’ve ever done. I felt that I could have gone further, but I got started about an hour later than I wanted and needed to get home. I’ll chalk this one in the success column.

Soccer News: My daughter’s team forgot that they were playing one of the top teams in the state this evening and gave up a goal in the early minutes of the match. Despite dominating the other team for the most of the rest of the game, they weren’t able to get the ball in the net and lost the 1-0. The game was hard fought with 2 significant injuries on our side and 3 on the other (ours: pulled hamstring, suspected LCL; theirs: broken arm, concussion, and an ankle injury). With this loss, we are now in the LOSERS bracket which means we have to play 3 games next weekend and win all three to stay in the tournament. Had we won, we would have only had to play a single game on Sunday.

I’m off to LA in the morning. I should be able to find the time to continue training. If I don’t get around to posting, I hope your week goes very well.


MON: 10.3 miles, aerobic w/5 miles@7:51/mi - HR 151
TUE: 4.6 miles, aerobic; 8:55/mi
WED: Rest Day
THR: 11.3 miles, aerobic; 9:00/mi
FRI: Rest Day
SAT: 7.3 miles, aerobic w/10x100m strides; 8:57/mi
SUN: 16.4 miles, aerobic; 9:13/mi avg pace

Total Mileage for the week: 49.9 miles


Thomas said...

Crikey! With those injuries, what kind of soccer were they playing?

Mike said...

I don't know Phil, considering your luck with killer-attack bushes, aggressive rattlesnakes and rocks with minds of their own I think you might need to stay out of Sabino Canyon. All three of your worst nemesis could conceivably jump you at once and leave you for dead!

Seriously though, nice long run, especiallly considering the circumstances. Tough game for your daughter though.

J~Mom said...

Great long run minus the rock! That sounds like one rough soccer game!

Laufenweg said...

such adventures! glad your fall wasn't too awful. i just read in this month's reader's digest about a woman who went out for one of her training runs on the trails..and slipped and was injured so bad she couldn't move. she was in the wilds for several days before she a rescue party found her. her dog saved her by leading the rescuers to her!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

In spite of the fall, you had a really good run. Don't have too much fun in LA.

Dusty said...

Nice run! Glad you wern't banged up too badly.. at least you wern't playing soccer with those girls - sounds pretty brutal! I hope they do well in their next 3 games & you have a nice trip to LA.

Lana said...

I'm glad you are okay after that fall! Ouch.

Be safe in LA...

DawnB said...

sorry about the fall hope you are feeling better. Have a good week in LA

Ewen said...

It sounds like soccer is almost as dangerous as trail running Phil.

Well done on surviving the tumble and the 26k. Nice distance isn't it? Longer than normal, but not as long as the big marathon training runs.

Darrell said...

It is cool that you covered new ground near home. Glad the fall wasn't any worse than it was.

Welcome to LA. I was in Indy on Sunday and am in Chicago now (Wednesday). Good luck keeping up with training. You seem to have that down pat.