Monday, April 09, 2007

Bear Country

Last week was the first week that actually felt like a full training week since my last marathon and certainly the first week since my calf injury that I felt like I was really running each run. Even though I only got in 10 miles over the Easter weekend, I exceeded 50 miles for the week and ran my first 17+ of 2007; and not a minute too soon since I've got less than 8 weeks to get ready for the San Diego Marathon on June 2nd.

This week is a “rest week” on the Pfitzinger plan and I have less than 40 miles to complete. I ran an easy 8 miler tonight along the AZ 51 Freeway. With my daughter practicing nearly every night getting ready for the first round of competition of the Arizona State Soccer Championships on Friday night, I’ve got plenty of time to fit in my runs at night. So far, this is working out pretty well and I’m certainly getting more sleep in that I don’t need to get up at 4:30 to fit in a medium-long run before work. I’ll probably stick to this plan as long as my daughter’s team stays in the State Tournament. It’s a standard double elimination tournament with the winners playing one game a weekend after the first weekend and every team that has lost one game playing two.

On the down side, my right foot went numb big time tonight. After a mile, my achiles tendon tightened up. That feeling soon passed, but foot started going numb on mile 2 and by the time I got to the 4 mile turn around point, it was completely numb. I stopped for a couple of minutes until the feeling came back and took off on the return. At mile 6 my right foot started going numb again, but the feeling cleared after a few minutes and didn't return. I can't help but feel that the Achiles Tendon is tied in with numbness and I'm also wondering if the slower gait in contributing. This problem doesn't happen every day. I ran 17 last Friday without issue so I'm having trouble pinning down the root cause. I'll figure it out eventurally.

Have a great week!


I really feel for all of you to the north of Arizona that were hit so hard with lousy weather over the weekend. We went down to Tucson this weekend to visit with our two older daughters. We’ve toned down Easter the last few years and instead of a big dinner, we’ve taken the opportunity to have a nice picnic somewhere in the state. Last year we went up to Mt. Lemon. This year we took everyone out to the Aqua Caliente Trail for our picnic. Although the sign to the left was posted at the park entrance, we didn't see a single animal.

We brought along our entire family as well as my oldest daughter’s boyfriend, his dog and our black lab. I even managed to get a good picture of the lab (he usually shows up as a black smudge in most pictures). It was cloudy, but the temperature stayed pleasant; right around 84F (29C). I included a few pictures below.

Have a great week.

Our Black Lab, Cooper

Running Dogs

Picnic in the park (not exactly Central Park, but not nearly as crowded)

This area of Tucson has a wide variety of cactus.


Sempre Libera said...

Glad last week went so well - looks like you're on the right track with your training.

And those are great pictures - makes Central Park look like a little playground! I love the one of the two dogs chasing each other.

Deene said...

nice photos, i've never been to Tucson. hopefully you'll figure out soon what is the cause of the foot numbness - maybe a talk with a physical therapist?

Jenny said...

Great pictures - it looks lovely there. I'd far rather a picnic here than in Central Park... assuming the bears don't join in!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You have me stumped on the foot issue. Maybe you can contact Coach Bill with AZTECH Training and see what he thinks about it. He is a Level III USAT&F Coach and licensed Physical Therapist and has coached some of the best runners in the country. He helped me get past my knee issues, so he can probably fix anyone.

aggie jogger '77 said...

Phil, is it time to let a professional look at your foot? That numbness has to be really troublesome for you. It is so weird how it is sporadic though.

The photos are great, we had a lousy weather weekend here in OK, even seeing some snow flurries/flakes at times.

I passed my second anniversary since my heart surgery yesterday by doing a 5 mile run with running club friends and I felt great.


Love2Run said...

Great pics of the wild country park! Weird how your foot numbness comes and goes like that. Hope that a good physio person can figure it out.

aggie jogger '77 said...

Thanks Phil, your comments were great.


miss petite america said...

i've had my feet get numb on the elliptical before, but never running. ..

Dusty said...

LOVE the pictures, boy do I miss Arizona.

Your foot has me concerned.

Sub said...

Nice pics - the scenery is just so different out there.

I hope your foot issue doesn't flare up in the next 8 weeks and you figure out what's causing it...

J~Mom said...

Looks like a beautiful way to spend your weekend!

Sorry about your foot, I hope it gets solved soon. I know what it's like to have a mystery owie...I have my own in my leg. Grr...

About the heart heart rate freaks me out. I feel like it is way too high (180s) for the amount of work I am doing. I haven't worn it in a few weeks for that reason, it really distracts me from what how I want to run. I realize that is a really dumb thing to say but it's true. LOL I do think it's why I can't actually burn fat, I don't actually run in my aerobic area. I will wear it for my next few runs and fess up on the results so that you can advise.

Ewen said...

That's beautiful countryside Phil. Brings back memories of our drive through Arizona.

I thought you only had bears up north! At least your snakes make a noise. Our eastern browns and red belly blacks are deathly silent :)