Friday, May 18, 2007

Early morning

I live in the “heat island” that is Phoenix, Arizona; therefore, I will complain about the fact that the temperature never cools off at night this time of year. This morning was no different. The temp was an incredible 82F (28C) when I got out the door at 4:00AM for an aerobic 12 miler with 5@MP. Of course it wasn’t all bad. With 90 minutes until sun rise, it wasn’t going to get any hotter.

The first 5 miles were a little slower than I’d planned; however, I got the legs moving a little faster on miles 6 and 7 and finally got serious on mile 8. Overall, it wasn’t a bad run.


Miles 1–4> 9:53, 9:38, 9:15, 9:12,
Miles 5–8> 9:15, 8:39, 8:57, 8:35
Miles 9-12 > 8:30, 8:44, 8:23, 8:28

Have a great weekend.

Training for the week:

MON: Rest Day
TUE: 6.1 miles, Recovery; 9:07/mi avg pace
WED: 12.7 miles w/7@7:48/mi
THR: Xtrain; 2.7 mile hike
FRI: 12.3 miles w/5@MP; 8:57/mi avg pace


david said...

WOW...82 degrees at 4 am...that is hot! I'm impressed that you were out at 4 am.

Feminist Runner said...

Wow, 82* at 4am? I used to have a student who said if it was 80* when she was supposed to leave for school, she just stayed home. Glad she didn't live in your neck of the woods.

Jamie said...

I wouldn't want to trade climates, that's for sure! But lots of athletes love it down there and actually prefer the desert. You'll be all set if you ever run Badwater. :-)

J~Mom said...

I am sure it was nicer for your run then being at the soccer fields all day. I am so glad soccer is over for a few months.

Great job on your run and getting up and getting it done!

Adama Anderson said...

It's funny I just blogged about the weather and my run the other night. It's much better than running during the day and having that darn sun beat down on you. Have a great weekend too.

Darrell said...

Just to beat the temperature horse to death; if its 82 in May what the heck is it going to be like in July and August? Yikes.

Nice set of numbers on the 12. I need to try something like that when I get back at it.