Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

I’d like to wish a great Mother’s Day out there to all mothers near and far. Ironically, I think more about my mom now that she is no longer alive than I did while she was with us and that's too bad.

I completed my scheduled 20 miler this morning; actually, the Pfitz schedule called for a 14 mile aerobic run, but I’ve missed so many long runs this session that I just had to get in a 20 miler today. Since it was Mother's Day, I had to get my run done before 6:30 this morning. Fortunately, I beat my alarm by 15 minutes and woke up at 2:45AM with no assistance and I was on the road at 3:10.

There was nothing remarkable about the run other than the fact that the temperature was still 80F (27C) at that 3 in the morning. Since it was so #$@%ing hot I ran a simple 8 mile figure 8; allowing me to get back to my cache of water bottles every 4 miles. I also assumed that all the drunks would be off the road by 3AM, but it didn’t turn out that way. I had four cars either execute u-turns in front of me or slow down as they approached thereby allowing the clever and articulate passengers to yell various witticisms my way as they passed. OK, it's 4AM, your drunk - I guess I understand why a guy running along the road must seem awful funny.

My overall splits weren’t stellar.

Miles 1-5 : 9:19, 9:24, 9:02, 9:13, 9:26
Miles 6-10: 8:57, 9:19, 9:27, 9:38, 9:40
Miles 11-15: 9:35, 9:42, 9:41; 9:31, 9:51
Miles 16-20: 9:48, 9:51, 10:09, 9:50, 9:50

I stayed withing my aerobic zone for the entire run, but I really started dragging on mile 15. It felt as if I’d completely run out of glycogen. My diet of late has sucked; too much alcohol and ice-cream and not enough quality carbohydrates. I need to fix this situation before I make my way to San Diego

I got back from the run in time to cook Mother’s day breakfast for my family and house guest (French Toast-traditional, French Toast w/egg beaters, Omelets, and Pancakes with strawberries). I actually fed them in two shifts since my youngest two daughters didn’t get up until 10AM.


MON: Rest day
TUE: 8.3 miles, Aerobic; 8:52/mi avg pace
WED: 8.7 miles, Aerobic w/5x600m @ 6:51/mi
THR: 5.2 miles, Recovery; 9:25/mi avg pace
FRI: Rest Day
SAT: 8.1 miles, Aerobic w/10x100m strides; 8:48/mi avg pace
SUN: 20.1 miles, Aerobic; 9:33/mi avg pace

Total Mileage for the week: 50.4 miles


As some of you may remember, I went down to Tucson on Friday for my daughter's graduation ceremony. She decided not to walk with the entire senior class in the mass ceremony at the University of Arizona this weekend, but instead particiapted in a small ceremony with the Georgraphy Department . This was very informal (no gowns). However, the department head gave a short talk on each of the 16 graduates; so it was much more meaningful. Afterwards, we drove up to the Vantana Canyon Resort for lunch.

Daughter with diploma

The entire family

Vantana Canyon Resort

Cactus in full bloom


J~Mom said...

3:00 am? seriously? OMG you so rock. Remind me to not whine at my 6:00 am wake up calls!!

Your family is beautiful!! Congrats again to your daughter.

stephruns said...

Happy graduation to your daughter!!!!

Your milages rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike said...

Sounds like a great ceremony and a nice weekend. If you were at Ventana Canyon you were only a mile away from us!

I'm glad to read you got a 20 miler in, and I'm guessing the run will stimulate your system to store more glycogen. Have you read Pfitz's newest column on glycogen storage/loading for the marathon in the new Running Times?

Darrell said...

I knew you got your long runs in early and have heard about the riff raff on the roads, but to read it is just awe inspiring. I can get up early for a race or to meet up with others but do get out there on my own, its the snooze button for sure. The run must have boosted your confidence for RNR.

Sub said...

That's interesting - it's neat that your daughter had an option to a private ceremony. Congrats to her!

Wow! The only time I've been up in the night for running has been for the RTB & HTC relays. Up at 2am for a training run - wow!

I've never seen cacti in full bloom - not something we see in these parts :)

Gotta Run said...

See... I knew you would get your run in. Must have been so peaceful at 3am.

I lost my mom a few years ago. It is sad how much I miss her and would give anything to spend Mother's Day with her just once more.

Congrats to your daughter!! No pictures of the finger? :)

My food was a bit off last week. Not to bad but enough to see that it might have made a difference.

Thomas said...

You got up at 3 am to run 20 miles. And just imagine, some people have the cheek to suggest that I am a lunatic. What would they make of you?

Congrats to your daughter.

Randy said...

3:00 AM 80 degrees...and I was complaining about it being 66 degrees here this morning, I stand in a humble bow to your efforts.
I did get in 4.3 miles this morning on a flat course and no issues with my leg. I was pleased. I intentionally let someone else set the pace so that I didn't overdo things and it worked out well.
The photos turned out well. Pass congratulations along to your daughter.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

congrats to your daughter! i totally missed that you were going to be in tucson.

way to go on that 20 miler!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Congrats to you daughter. Very cool with the small ceremony.

3-freaking-AM??!! Dude, I know I'm a morning person, but even I think you are hardcore running that early...and oh, yes, summer had officially landed in Phoenix. The next time you will need anything with long sleeves it will be November.

Feminist Runner said...

Wow, somehow staying up until 3am seems like a different way to get your run in. Nice job.
Love those pics! (And how awesome that her degree is in geography!)

Yvonne said...

your comment about the drunken hecklers had me laughing, and reminding me of similar experiences. you middle-of-the-night runners with kids are really starting to make me feel inadequate...

great job!

DawnB said...

Phil glad you got the 20 miler in @3:00AM wow!!!nice job and with temp. that high that early in the morning!!!

Congratualions!!!on your daughters grarudation!!! nice photos' thanks for sharing!!!

Marcy said...

Can I just say "OMG" I have no business griping about 1) not wanting to get up early and 2) putting in a measly 4 mi LOL

Congrats to your daughter!! Your family is beautiful!

Randy said...

Hi Phil - saw your post on my blog about the two races...the first I will be running on my own...but the second will be more of a leisure run with my wife at her slower pace, not caring for any kind of PR for me at all...I'm with you not getting re-injured. Thanks.

Addy said...

Congrats to your daughter! Great pictures :)

And wow....Doing a 20 miler before 6:30?!? That's awesome.

I'm having the same dietary problems (w/ the alcohol and sweets). The problem of graduating is lots and lots of celebrating. I'm hoping to also crack down on that so that San Diego goes well for me too :)

Ewen said...

On the road at 3:10! Pfitz would be impressed. That's a good one to get in ahead of San Diego.

Nice photos of the graduation. Vantana Canyon looks like a real oasis.

Bruce said...

Congrats to daughter on the graduadion again. Can't believe the 3AM start, thats serious dedication. Well done on gutsing out the 20 miles though and then cooking breakfast in two shifts.

Bex said...

Lovely family! And what discipline you have to get up so dang early to run a long run. By yourself, at that.