Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Shoes

After 2,298.3 miles running on ASIC Gel-Landrith IIs, I was forced to change shoes yesterday. ASICS stopped making the Gel-Landrith II some time ago, but my Running Store has been feeding me a steady supply of the elicit shoe. I realize that the Gel-Landrith isn't ASICS's sexiest shoe, but they work damn well for me, so I wasn't in a hurry to change. However, once the shoe fairy ran out of merchandise, I didn't have any choice. So after spending 30 minutes trying on alternatives and running around outside, I finally settled on a new shoe: ASICS Gel-Landrith III. Yeh, I know, change is suppose to be good for you, but why should I take a chance with my feet? Besides, the IIIs are a different color, that's a big change from me.

I took my spiffy new shoes out for a spin this morning at 4:30AM. My game plan was to run as far as I could up to 20 miles to round out what has been a great week. Unfortunately, unlike the two great 12 milers earlier this week, I couldn’t generate much power this morning and never really relaxed or got into a rhythm. I briefly ground to a halt on mile 9 and I called it quits after 10 miles. To salvage something out of the weekend, I went to our gym with my wife this afternoon and ran a 5K on a treadmill finish the day at 13.1 miles in two runs.

Next week will be better.

Training for the week:

MON: Rest Day
TUE: 6.1 miles, Recovery; 9:07/mi avg pace
WED: 12.7 miles w/7@7:48/mi
THR: x-train; 2.7 mile hike
FRI: 12.3 miles w/5@MP; 8:57/mi avg pace
SAT: 5.0 miles, recovery; 8:53/mi avg pace
SUN: 10.0 miles, aerobic; 9:28/mi avg pace
SUN: 5.1 miles, aerobic; 8:39/mi avg pace

MIleage for the week: 49.1 miles


Laurie said...

Wow, a new color, you are living on the edge! ;)

It looks like you had a great week to me!

tb1 said...

Great week Phil. Good luck in SD. I've been out of commission for a while with a bad case of plantar faciitis. Hope to restart in September pain-free.

Gotta Run said...

The perfect shoe for your feet is not an easy thing to come by. I am always scared about trying out a new shoe hoping and praying that I will not develope and problems.

Recently I just shipped off 8 pair of shoes to an organization that I came across in RW Mag. That was even hard to see them go. We have just been through so much together :).

Deene said...

you have a busy week ahead, take care in the heat!

Rose said...

Looks like a great week of running - it probably felt good to finish off your running week in the cool gym! I don't know how you do it, running in anything over 70 degrees takes it out of me. Pretty spoiled her in San Francisco. Good luck with the new shoes.

Sempre Libera said...

This long run came at the end of a pretty tough week, I think -- 7 long tempo miles and a very hot run -- so it sounds like your body needed the break. Good luck with the new shoes!

Feminist Runner said...

A different color? Oh no!!!
I like the photo.

J~Mom said...

Hey Phil,

I am wondering how often you change out your shoes? My pt recommended every 3 months and this seems a bit often for my low mileage but I am wondering what you think. He said it will keep my shin splint at bay. Enjoy your new shoes! I hate change, LOL.

I do agree with what you said about my injury. If I had stayed off of it to begin with I am sure I would not be dragging it out so long. I have learned so much this past year and now I can add this to my lessons. :>)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...


So you went out and ran 5 miles at late May. Come on, you know better. How long have you lived here? I know how crazy it is because I've been crazy enough to do it, too...and paid for it.

As for the new shoes, I know how hard it is finding something that you like and likes you back. I just hope Addidas never dumps the Supernova cushion line...but I'm sure they will someday.

Anne said...

I used to call a Saucony outlet outside Boston to order my discontinued shoes, and when that stopped, I realized how ridiculous I'd been. For starters, they were the wrong shoes for my changing build and foot after I'd broken it. May the III's also be a wise investment.

Amy said...

I love the III's, just for the record. The roominess in the toe box (vs the II's) suits my wide feet just fine!

Good luck with them!

StumbleGuy said...

Great lookin' shoes. Nice duck too!


Randy said...

Good luck with the III's Phil...what a week of road mileage...way to go.

I got thru the 2 5k's on Saturday without incident and even set a new PR in the early morning run (33:06)....still have a way to go to catch you tho. My wife set a new PR for herself in the afternoon 5k (37:37). I ran with her and I was glad I did...she needed some encouragement at the end and was glad that I was there with her, even though she told me to go ahead of her. It was a fun run with her.

OH....did you consider looking for your II's on ebay?

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

12 days to go, eh. Heh, would be nice to meet up in San Diego. Just wave at every runner in Pink, I'm bound to be one of

~concrete angel~ said...

oh wow, the perfect shoe -- how I can relate!! I loved the 2000 version of the Asics Cumulus - which Road Runner Sports used to carry (even though otherwise discontinued)...but alas, eventually no more shoe. No shoe is EVER too ugly if it truly works ;)


Ewen said...

Don't worry Phil, they'll soon be a nice shade of 'trail beige'.

Speaking of mad dogs... a mate of mine used to live at Tennant Creek (Central Australia), and found the best time to run was at midday with the sun directly overhead, shaded by a good broad brimmed hat!

Dusty said...

Love the pic! haha!

I agree with the others - looks like a great week to me!

StumbleGuy said...

Don't know if you've noticed, but Ann's back blogging again!


DawnB said...

Great job Phil!! I wish I'd buy two pairs when I had purchased on the internet. Now I'm searching again.

olga said...

Look at the display of those shoes! I have a picture my husband took where I have them around me - all of 9 pairs:) Hope the new shoes work out for you, and you find power to make a 20 next weekend!!

Darrell said...

Here's hoping the move from II to III works out well. Your week looks mighty respectable.

Adama Anderson said...

You gotta get new school Phil! LOL. Amazing, ver 2,000 miles! Oh yeah I got your email but am very slow to respond. It's because I can't check regular email at work...and I'm always working. Sorry.