Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Exemplary Lifestyle

As I promised, I visited my GP today to get my lower abdominal pain checked out. As he is reading through my rather thick file (I’ve been with this office for 27 years), he mumbles something about “exemplary lifestyle”. Right there on my summary page, he has written the words “Exemplary Lifestyle”. He said he wrote it because I keep my weight under control, eat right, exercise regularly and do couple of other things I can’t remember. I felt like I was back in Miss Fischer’s kindergarten class and just got a gold star on my finger painting project. Of course, none of that was relevant to the abdominal pain.

After a lot of probing, prodding, thumping, twisting and listening, my GP declared that there was nothing seriously wrong with me. The problem appears to be muscular. He suggested icing the area when it was sore, yoga to make me more limber and sent me and my exemplary lifestyle off into the world. I guess it’s good to know that it isn’t serious; just another sports injury. I’ll ice it until it goes away.

Although I didn’t have much luck with the abdominal pain, he did tie the numbness across the bottom of my foot with the tightness in my Achilles tendon. Again, no solution, but at least someone validated that the two were tied together, which matched my observation.

On the running front, I went out on a short 4 mile recovery run this morning at a blazing 10:03/mi average pace. There’s nothing special to report about the run; however, it is two days sooner than I was able to start up any running after my first marathon. I plan to spend the next several weeks cruising through the Pfitz post race recovery plan and take in a 5K on July 4th. After that, I’ll need to figure out what I want to do this summer and plan out my fall racing program. It should be a life of leasure for the next few months as full heat of summer descends on central Arizona.

Hope your week is going well.


MON: Rest Day
TUE: Rest Day
WED: 4.0 miles, recovery; 10.3/mi avg pace


Ewen said...

Exemplary Lifestyle! Give yourself a pat on the back Phil :)

By the way, that is a bay near the Gold Coast Half start. The race headquarters is only about 2k from beautiful surf beaches :)

It is a dead flat course though, so with some training in the next two weeks (and luck) I may get into the low 1:40s.

ReneeMc said...

You go with your exemplary lifestyle! Icing your abs seems weird. And somehow challenging.

Dusty said...

I would totally dig the gold star too! When my asthma dr opens mine, he sees a pic of my arms - one 2x the size of the other. "the only time he has seen that outside of a text book" so I see that I'm a lab rat - I'd kill to have the gold star you have!

They have some sort of sock that pulles your toes up, I think it is to sleep or rest in - would that help your toe by streching the achilles?

Sempre Libera said...

Did you get a lollipop on your way out, too? In all seriousness, glad to hear everything is as it should be. You ran a great race, now enjoy your recovery!