Wednesday, August 15, 2007


You know you’re in Arizona when the thermometer is still pushing 100F (38F) at 8:30PM. My daughter had soccer practice tonight, so I (the mental giant that I am) brought my Black Lab with me to practice and started running mile laps on the roads surrounding the practice field. My HR hit 145 before I had 5 minutes under my feet and top 150 after a mile. I kept my breathing under control, but felt my pace getting slower and slower as my body continued to heat up. In the end, I called it quits after 28 minutes; running in the heat just wasn’t any fun.

Hope you’re week is going better, or at least cooler.

PS: In my haste to get this post published, I completely forgot to mention how my Black Lab fared in the heat. Well, he didn't have a good time either. As usual he started out running slightly ahead of me, keeping his butt lined up with my left leg. But after a mile he was dragging along behind me. He was more than happy to stop. After I found a place to sit in the park where I could get a decent internet connection, he sucked down 30 ounces of water and laid down on the grass at my feet as I worked on my eMail. I don't think I'll take him out in the heat again.


Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 6.8 Miles @ 8:50/mi
Wed: 3.1 Miles @ 9:13/mi


Phil Sabin said...

So how did the Black Lab do? It can't be fun to have that much hair in that heat.

My dog is complaining about the heat - and it's only in the 80's here in Seattle.


Bruce said...

Good effort Phil, any running is always better than none. We're in low single figures C down here. Hope it cools down soon for ya.

ReneeMc said...

Man, that sounds rough! It's good to get out there and run, but in that heat I don't think I could manage.
Glad to hear you both survived.

david said...

This heat is tough on everyone...hope it breaks soon.

J~mom said...

We are almost through the worst of the heat! Maybe a month left? Hang in there!

My dog will come home and lay flat on the tile after a can be so hard on their little bodies sometimes. Because I mostly run on pavement I worry about her little paws getting too hot.

Bex said...

I'm with you on the heat. I ran a pathetic time in a 5K last Saturday. I came in first among women, but my time was 90 seconds slower than it should have been!

And my dog (choc lab mix) loves to run, but he hates the heat and humidity, and will last 3 miles and no longer in that weather. However, I took him on a 7-mile run at Lake Tahoe the other week, and he was fine. It's much cooler and drier there.

~concrete angel~ said...

Not sure how you deal w/ that constant heat...YUCK!!

Gotta Run said...

This heat is a killer and I am SO over it. Come on fall and arrive a bit early this year!!

Smart to stop and I am sure your black lab agrees with me. Being in the sun is bad enough but being black in color had to be even hotter.

I am crossing my fingers for some relief during our 20 miler in the morning. The heat just sucks the life right out of me!!

Pat said...

and I thought it was just me that was struggling in the heat.

Ewen said...

Like Bruce, I have the same problem down here - about 54F - can't wait for it to warm up.

Didn't you know that only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun ;)

Josh said...

102f by 8:30a. I don't think you could tear me away from the AC unit let alone get me out for a run.

Kudos for even opening the door to step outside.