Sunday, August 19, 2007

90 Minutes

The place I ran across yesterday was far north end of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. This park runs all the way from St. David, Arizona, 40 miles south to the Mexican Border (SEE MAP). I headed back over to the park for a 90 minute run this morning at 5:30 AM. Needless to say, I didn't get all the way to the border. Although I did find the usual evidence of illegal immigration (the tell-tale gallon jugs used for water, strewn under trees in the middle of now where), but didn't run into one or anything else for 90 minutes; that is besides very pesky flies.

The trail through the north end of the park is very rough and really made the run slow going. However, the slow pace guaranteed that my HR stayed low. The outbound is mostly a gradual up-hill, but I kept my HR under 130 most of the way. After spiking out at 160 in Phoenix earlier this week during a slow jog, it sure was nice to just be able to chug along with little effort.

On a somber note, I saw results of a tragic accident as we were driving the soccer team from Benson north back to Phoenix. A semi-truck took out two autos and there were bodies and car parts strewn over several hundred feet along I10. The girls in my car were visibly upset. I check with the other drivers and discovered that one of them actually witnessed the incident. I can’t imagine what the girls who were in her car felt.

One of the cars had flipped several times and was left standing on the highway. The other had careened into the trees in the median between the north and south bound lanes. There wasn't much left of either car. The driver of the car that rolled and didn’t leave the freeway survived and got out of the car on her own. I assume that the bodies were from the car that came to rest in the median. I can only imagine that the women that survived was wearing the seat belt and those that were lying spaced out on the pavement under the sheets were not. Just a guess I still don’t understand why people don’t wear seat belts.


Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 6.8 Miles @ 8:50/mi
Wed: 3.1 Miles @ 9:13/mi
Thr: Rest Day
Fri: 3.2 Miles @ 10:18/mi
Sat: 6.2 Miles @ 9:52/mi
Sun: 9.1 Miles @ 9:47/mi

Total Mileage for the week: 28.4 miles


Ewen said...

That's sad about the accident. Something you don't want to see. Seatbelts have been compulsory in Australia going back to when I was learning to drive - so at least 33 years. Countless lives saved because of it.

Thomas said...

That's a terrible accident. I can just hope that I'll never be involved in anything like that. I don't even want to come across the scene later on, like you did. Especially not with children onboard.

Anne said...

I know what you mean about seatbelts, mandatory but still not used as much as they should. It sounds like it was a horrific crash. Did you find out what happened? Who caused it?

Deene said...

it's terribly shocking to witness a collision even if it's minor.
was it a sandy trail?

Gotta Run said...

How sad! Seatbelts should be the first thing you do before even starting your car. Proven to save lives!!!

Love your report on your run. Jealous at all the different places you are able to run. I am trying to keep things fresh here but it is getting harder and harder these days.

Pat said...

I remember you running down their last year. Sounds like a great place for a run. Hope the girls had a great experience with the camp and sorry they had to witness the accident.

gotta run, pat

Sempre Libera said...

Nice to hear the run was more relaxed this time around.

Sorry to hear about that accident though. My sister once saw a horrific accident happen right in front of her and she was really shaken, too. I will never understand people who don't wear seatbelts -- it's not hard! Just a few months ago the Governor of NJ was involved in a big crash and wasn't wearing a belt; he's lucky to be alive, but many people aren't.

Dusty said...

How awful - and tough for them to see.

On another note -- did the illegals at least think to leave some water in those jugs for you to drink on your hot run? Boy, it does get scorching hot out there.