Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blogging from Benson

Hello from beautiful Benson, Arizona. If this isn't the middle of
nowhere, it has to be close. I'm down here with 19 girls, 3 women and
two guys supporting our soccer team at a soccer camp. It's a bit
primative, but I really like this place. Last night after we got the
girls to bed, the adults sat outside and just enjoyed the cool night
air (plus a few beers and a couple of chocolate martinis). This place
is so remote that I had no trouble seeing the Milky Way and a billion
other stars. And since there is no concrete or asphalt for miles in
any direction, the place actually cools off at night.

I got up this morning at 5:30 this morning and ran for an hour before
the girls got up. Although I've been here before, I went exploring,
running down dirt roads somewhat at random. I even found a BLM Bird
sanctuary (sp) at the end of one of the roads. I'll be back out that
way for more exploring tomorrow.

Yesterday, I tried to run outside again. I was tied up in the morning,
so it couldn't get out until 1 PM. Although it had been overcast all
morning, the clouds cleared just before I started and the temperature
shot up to 102F, but I was out of time and had to get in a run before
I left for Benson. The first mile went really well, clicking by a
little faster than 9:00/mi; however, things fell apart on mile 2. At
the end of mile one, my HR was just over 140 and kept climbing.
Although I kept slowing down, my HR topped 160 by the time I'd
finished up the 2nd mile. Yikes! I'm jogging along being a good boy
and my heart is out running a hard 5K. This wasn't worth it. I pulled
up and walked until my HR settled down below 140 and jogged back to
the house for a whopping 3.1 miles.

Hope your weekend is going well. Please excuse my poor grammar and
spelling today. I I don't have an internet connection here, so I'm
posting this from my BlackBerry.

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good
as dead - Albert Einstein


ReneeMc said...

You're going to have to tell your heart what's what! Have fun in Benson!

Ewen said...

Sounds just like the night sky in central Australia. Dining under the stars near Uluru is an experience I'll never forget.

It must cool down soon Phil - it's starting to warm up down here.

Addy said...

Sounds like a beautiful place to spend some time. Enjoy your exploring, but be careful :)Good for you for being smart and not pushing it by too much.

DawnB said...

sounds like a wonderful time Phil enjoy yourself.

Anne said...

Such a brave soul to run along unknown dirt trails in the middle of nowhere.... I'll take that and a clear view of the stars over a chocolate martini any day.

J~mom said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

And no relief from the heat in sight. Good job getting the run in none the less. Hope the soccer went well.

Josh said...

Posting via Crackberry? I am impressed you technophile, you.