Thursday, August 30, 2007

Running in Place

Running on a treadmill is a lot like playing a video game; you can perform feats of superhuman performance without the limitations of reality getting in the way and with temperatures in Phoenix still outlandishly hot, even by Sonoran Desert standards, running at the gym has become the only viable option short of buying a large box of Bon Bons and veging out on the nearest couch. In fact, Phoenix broke the old record of 28 days over 110F yesterday when the high hit 111 this afternoon. Damn, it's hot.

Instead of venturing outside, I hit the gym last night at 10PM for a 60 minute run. The first 30 minutes sailed by at an 8:56/mi average pace with the last 20 minutes run close to 8:27/mi. My breathing and HR stayed under control so I decided to start pushing a little harder on the second 30 minute session. Starting at 8:27/mi, I took the pace to 8:06/mi after 10 minutes and then down to 7:30 at the 15 minute point. My HR continued to climb as the pace decreased. It stayed around 150 while running 7:30, but drifted up to 160 at 7:04. With 2 minutes to go, I’d passed the 7 mile point for the hour and could either start my cool down or crank the speed up again. I chose the later pushing the pace to 6:49 … again, a superhuman performance, way beyond my capabilities on real asphalt. But the belt just went around and around and around as the clock ticked off the final seconds of the second 30 minutes session.

I’m not going to be able to run indoors forever. I’m signed up to run the Saguaro National Park Labor Day Run next Monday. It’s a hilly 8 mile course through Saguaro National Park. Temperatures in Tucson should be in the low to mid 70s on Monday morning, so I should be able to survive. I don’t intend to burn up the course any way.

Have a great week


Jamie said...

Think autumn! Best of luck this weekend. Look forward to the race report.

Mike said...

Phil, I'm glad you'll be coming out, and I hope you're right about the weather. I'm looking out the window at high, whipping winds and 85 degrees at 4:53am. Sigh.

david said...

Looks like the heat wave is finally breaking here in Tennessee. Like you, I'm getting tired of the treadmill.

Amy said...

I'll think about this post as I'm slugging out my "trial 10k" on the treadmill at lunch. I'm not getting tired of running on the treadmill, because I HATE RUNNING ON THE TREADMILL. How can you get tired of something you never liked in the first place???

Fall is just around the corner.

And over the hill.

And through the next 4 stop lights.

And then hang a left.

And after you pass the 2nd gas station on the right, look for the big tree.

Fall is right behind that tree.

Deene said...

have fun at your labor day race!

Josh said...

Nice workout. I am sure that you can take that tempo to the street. It's all heart!

The superhuman part is that you were at the gym at 10PM! I am usually toast at that hour.

Good like with the 8-miler.

J~mom said...

Nice job getting your runs done on the treadmill. I wish I had that option but something tells me I wouldn't use it anyway. LOL Have a great run on Monday, is that in Tucson? Maybe it will cool off for you?

jen said...

Nice job on the TM run!

Good luck this weekend!

DawnB said...

good luck with the labor day race Phil, have fun

Gotta Run said...

Yes... a new race. After so much treadmill the hills might be tough. You will burn them up!!

Glad you are in motion!!

Ewen said...

Looks like a pretty tough course if that photo's anything to go by. Nice and scenic though.

I hope it cools down to, oh, at least 95 by next Monday ;)