Friday, September 28, 2007

Inching Ahead

Thanks for all the kind words regarding my come back. It really helps
knowing you all are out there. 2007 hasn't exactly been my best year,
with only one PR; however, I have had to learn how to take things
slow, be patient (never my strong suit) and keep plodding along. To
that end, I got up to 8.9 miles earlier this week without walking and
without any injuries. I still have a long way to go to get prepared
for the Carlsbad Marathon in January, but I'll get there.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

If you keep on as you have I think you will be ready for Carlsbad for sure. Nice to be running again, huh?

Deene said...

you're doing just fine. it might even help that you are getting plenty of rest during recovery. January will roll around in no time.

Mike said...

Just stay in the game, Phil. One good run can lead to one good week. One good week leads to a good month, and so it goes. Keep at it and care for the little things less they become "big things".

Ewen said...

Patience pays off in the end Phil. The PBs will come.

Interesting - even though we're metric over here, we still say "inching ahead"... "centimetreing ahead" isn't quite the same.

DawnB said...

where else would we be but here for you Phil!! and thats one more PR than me :)

Bex said...

Wait, you're doing Carlsbad, too?! Then I'm signing up - will be nice to meet another RBF'er. One more running blogger, and it'll be a party.

Josh said...

You'll do great.

Sub said...

Great to hear about the progress! Keep at it and be careful not to overdo it... Given that you already have a mileage base to rely on, you have plenty of time left to get ready for Carlsbad.