Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Inspiration - Part II

I realize that most of you have already seen Ryan Hall's kick-butt finish during the US Olympic Marathon Time Trials; however, I just can't get enough of it. The quality of the attached video is very poor; however, watching Ryan run sub 4:40ish miles over the last 10 miles of the marathon is something to behold. His legs whirl around with an incredible stride length, yet his upper body sits quietly as he speeds by spectators. There isn't any wasted motion in his running. In fact, I think we need to come up with a different word for what he and some of the other elites are doing when they clock in at sub 2:10. If what I do is called running, certainly what they are doing is something altogether different and deserves its own word.

I went out tonight and did my best to keep my upper body quite and just enjoy myself. The temperature was just above 80F a couple of hours after sunset as I started running north along the trail that parallels the SR51 freeway. I knew something was different when I passed the 1 mile mark at 8:37. Lately my time at this point has been closer to 9:50. I slowed down a little for fear of blowing up and continued north for another 3 miles to the overpass running over Union Hills road, hit the lap button on my watch, turned around and started running the 4 miles back to my car.

I knew I had averaged something just over 9:00/mi on the way out and wasn't about to slow down; but was surprised when mile 5 clicked by in 8:30. My right foot had fallen asleep on mile 4, but I started getting some feeling in the foot again on mile 6 and kept picking up the pace. I was breathing hard and was way outside of my aerobic zone; but so what - it felt good to be running again. I'll feel the effects of over doing it in the morning, but it was worth it.

Outbound pace: 9:09 (not bad)
Inbound pace: 8:25 (go team)
Total Distance: 8.4 miles

Hope your week is going great

Take care.


J~mom said...

He truly is amazing! Great run you had!!

Gotta Run said...

Just amazing to watch Ryan's stride. His feet nearly touch his butt with each step. It is really something to watch!

You have been dealing with a sleepy foot for a long time now. Strange. Sure wish that you could figure that one out.

Don't you love the little surprise in pace when you feel so slow and realize there is hope?

Stephanie said...

i feel sick in my stomach just by looking at him!

DawnB said...

He is amazing!!! looks like you are getting your mojo back congrations on your run

Ewen said...

Thanks Phil. I hadn't seen that. He's a great mover - amazing speed at the end of a marathon. I think he'll be in contention for a long time in Beijing, provided he can handle the heat and terrible air quality.

Well done with your 8 miler - a great negative split!

Dusty said...


OK - all I can think of is that he is like a hovver craft (sp?) - flying on the ground. I don't even think I could go that fast for 100 meters if someone was behind me with a knife!

Mike said...

I know that if you ever wish to compliment a runner, saying "good form" or "beautiful style" trumps "fast" every time. Good to see you on those hills again Phil, but take care of those knees!

Josh said...

doncha just love coming back faster than you did going out. man, that feels good!