Sunday, November 04, 2007

US Olympic Marathon Trials

Boy wonder, Ryan Hall, powers through the last 10 miles of the US Men’s Olympic Marathon Trials blowing away the competition and Ryan Shay dies in the same race, 5 miles in. It was an incredible day in US marathon history. Unfortunately, what little coverage our sport gets in the US, it was all centered on Shay with only a few inches on Hall. However, the picture to the left says it all. Hall took control of the race after 16 miles and ran the second half in 1:02:45 – That’s an average of 4:47/mi.

I didn’t do as well this week. I think I screwed up something in my right knee when I took the tumble on the tread mill last weekend. 2 miles into my 8 miler on Tuesday night, the top of my right knew started hurting something fierce and I pulled up and walked 2 miles back to my car. I layed off the leg on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and then missed a 5 miler on Saturday when the day got away from me.

That left a 12 miler this afternoon as my only other mileage. I only got in 8 miles before the sun went down and it got way too dark to run through the desert. As the sun was setting I stepped over 3 tracks recently left by rattle snakes and wasn’t interested in sticking around to find an owner of one of these in the dark.

The run itself was less than appealing. I sort of ran/walked through the first 6 miles and then inexplicably, I got a burst of energy on the last 2 miles as the desert cooled quickly with the setting sun and ran all the way to my car. Fear of snakes will work wonders on my energy levels I guess.

I hope things went better for you this weekend. Have a great week.

Take care.


Ewen said...

That was sad about Shay. A great run from Ryan Hall - he's a beautiful runner. The video of his 59:43 half in Houston is amazing.

I hope you have a better week Phil. Dodging those snakes does sound exciting.

DawnB said...

hope you have a better week Phil

Anonymous said...

What a Saturday! So great for one - so sad for the other.

Hope your knee is better.

Have a great week.

Deene said...

be careful with the knee. damn treadmill!
I've been warning my 13 yr old niece about the rattlers at this time of year, sure enough she nearly stepped on one at dusk so she's stopped going out now when it's dark. her dog wasn't so lucky and got bit, he's recovering well though.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Rattlesnakes? O-Kayyyyyy...... good luck with all that, you're a better man than I am to deal with snakes on a run.

And November should be 'National Runner Recuperation Month' or something, it's time we all felt better (after taking it easy and not feeling guilty about it).

~concrete angel~ said...

Hi Phil,

I wouldn't worry about one bad weekend. I'm used to weekends w/ at least one 20or 20++ miler, but have had several weekends lately where I was lucky to do a 10-miler. Finally things are coming around for me, and I'm sure they will for you as well. Sometimes it's just a matter of being patient, and not beating yourself up for not always being able to do what you want. Take care!

Addy said...

Sorry about the bad weekend! Just be safe out there with all those snakes around!!!

I second the idea to make November national recuperation month! As I'm doing no running, it certainly fits ;)