Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Furnace

Two days in Manhattan Beach and two good runs along "The Strand" (click on the link and select Satellite View to see what this area looks like). Yesterday I ran a 7 miler from the north side of Manhattan Beach south to Hermosa Beach with excursions out onto the Manhattan Beach Pier and the Hermosa Beach Pier. I mistakenly wore my long sleeve technical top and after 20 minutes I was so hot that I did something I'd never do in Phoenix. I took the darn thing off and ran shirtless through the pre-dawn darkness. Not a pretty sight mind you, but it seemed to make sense at the beach.

The amazing thing was the contrast between the shirtless wonder and the local runners bundled up as if they were expecting a snow storm at any moment. I must have some freakish furnace burning inside keeping me warm.

This morning was different. It really was a cool morning with temperatures at 40F (4.5C) and strong winds blowing out of the north. Running south, with the wind to my back was a lot of fun, but I got blown all over when I ventured out onto the piers. Running head long back into the wind was no picnic either. I extended the run out to 11 miles this morning to get a bit more time on my feet. Other than my arthetic toe, all the parts kept moving for 100 minutes. I also kept my HR under 140, I really am serious about working on building up my base again.

This afternoon I'm off to Carlsbad for a day and then up to Mission Viejo on Sunday to visit my brother. With any luck, the running gods will continue to smile when I step out the door.

Have a great weekend.


Dusty said...

Sounds like a good start for building up that base!

Ewen said...

G'day Phil - this is the right link for that run :) I can even see the two piers - looks like a great view of the Pacific.

4.5C is cold! Even in mid-winter I'm rarely running in that temperature in the afternoons. We had 17C this morning - very pleasant, and fun to run in the rain again.

Catch up after Christmas most likely. Have a good one.

~concrete angel~ said...'s to cooler weather! I couldn't take most of Tucson's weather! Glad the running is going...happy holidays!


Gotta Run said...

If anyone knows how to build a good base that would be you!! I am just a head of you but I know it is not for long :).

Come on Phil..... time to pass me!!

J~mom said...

Great job Phil!!! I would love to run on the beach sometime. I didn't get one run in while we were in Anaheim (mostly in part to being sick ).

Ted said...

I love "The Strand". Its a terrific place to run. My brother used to live in Hermosa Beach. Awesome! It is a place where I can easily run into a pole after looking at some hot babes on "The Strand".