Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mission run

Hi all ... made it up to Mission Viejo last night with the family to spent some quality time with my brother and his family. Got in a great run early this morning around Lake Mission Viejo. Still trying to stay on my base building schedule; however after dealing with the hills for the first lap around the lake, I was struggling to keep my HR below 143. On the second lap, I decided to screw the base training rules and open up the throttle. HR peaked out at 155 going up the hills on the south side of the lake. This is a little outside of my Aerobic Zone, but I enjoyed the cruise.

Realized I screwed up the link to the route along the beach between Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach in my previous post. For the terminally board, you can see the route at this LINK, and select Satellite view to see the beach.

Have a great week. Hope you all get a chance to spend some down time with your families.


Anonymous said...

Way to keep up with the running.
Happy Holidays!

DawnB said...

Happy holidays to you and yours Phil!!

Thomas said...

Yeah, I know all about breaking the base traiing rules and just go fatser to break the boredom. A day like that every now and again does you good.

Merry Christmas, Phil!

StumbleGuy said...

Hey Phil,

Just wishing you a Merry Christmas and thanks for your encouragement through the year.


Dusty said...

Sometimes you just have to go with the run!! :)

I hope you and your family are enjoying a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Happy 2008!

J~mom said...

You realize that my hr starts out in that range? LOL Nice job!

Addy said...

How did I miss this? My family lives in Mission Viejo so I've been down here since the 16th!!! Darn....I could have met up with you around th lake. That's wehre I usually run when I come home :D

Hope you enjoyed it! We've been having nice weather down here!