Saturday, January 19, 2008

2 out of 3

OK … Thanks the kick in the butt and the numerous threats from all of you. I wasn’t looking for sympathy and certainly wasn’t expecting to evoke the reaction I got, but thank you none-the-less.

I went to our storage locker on Thursday evening and got out one of our road bikes. This bike isn’t built for speed, it’s more of a cruiser, but it’s in good shape and certainly able to cover the short distance from my house to my office in the far north end of Phoenix. After a change of inner tubes, some general dusting, lubing and a quick brake adjustment, the bike was ready to go.

Temperatures were a pleasant 30F (-1C) when I left for the outbound commute. The traffic was too bad and I certainly didn’t try to assert my right of way in Phoenix (not only are drivers in this state often armed, but we are notorious for running over bikes). The ride was uneventful, but I did feel my thighs when I got to work and locked up my bike near one of the side-doors. I took this as a good sign that riding, even riding slowly, may serve to build up my pitiful quads.

The ride home was equally uneventful, although I was huffing and puffing after the final climb up the hill to my house. My 20 year-old-daughter gave me a hard time about bike-commuting on Thursday night and thought she was really funny when she called me at work at 5PM on Friday night to ask me stop and get some take-out.

On the running front, I’ve started up again after taking nearly 2 weeks off to let my knee heal. There’s nothing much to write about on this front. I did a cautious run/walk for 40 minutes this morning; no problems – that’s good. My black lab was extremely thankful to be out running again. When I take a two week break, he takes a two week break and he wasn’t all that happy about the respite.

I still haven’t done anything about the third leg of the master plan for 2008, stretching; although I will get cranking on this over the weekend. I look like Frankenstein's monster when I first get out of bed.

On a positive note, I agreed to volunteer at the Arizona Road Racers' Marathon / Half Marathon on Feb 2nd. The course is an extended version of the course we used for the 30K in December (Pictures). It’s a great run, inexpensive and will have plenty of enthusiastic volunteers to keep you hydrated.

Best of luck to everyone running the Carlsbad Marathon on Sunday. I'd like to give a big shout out to Bex before she starts. I certainly wish I could have been there and I’m sure you’ll have a great run.

Take care.


Ewen said...

Good to hear from you Phil. When I saw a new post on Bloglines, I nervously looked, half expecting a "blog finish line" story. Thankfully it wasn't :)

The master plan looks to have started well. Be careful on the bike - we have the same problems down here (less guns).

By the way, I don't look like Frankenstein's monster in the mornings, I just walk like him... and -1C is slightly less than pleasant ;)

Amy said...

Sounds like fun (sortof!)

And your daughters comment...just priceless :)

Thanks for not pulling your blog...that would have been a tad-bit dramaqueenish :)

Josh said...

There you go... Thats the spirit!

Your daughter has a wicked good sense of humor.

Gotta Run said...

Your daughter is too funny!!! Take out... I am still laughing.

Glad to see that you are taking other steps to get out there and move. Also glad your test run went well. That one always seems to be the hardest. Great job!!

Volunteering for some local races is on my to-do-list this year. We have one this weekend in fact. Great way to give back!

Anne said...

We missed you this weekend.

Can't wait to hear what your new motivator is going to be. Maybe another big race out this way?

Deene said...

that sounds like what my girl would say to her dad. good job on the bike, don't forget your helmet.