Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Iceman cometh

Again ... thanks for all the comments relative to pulling my blog. I'm
not going to do anything drastic; and I don't think I could actually
pull the blog anyway. Although I can be a drama queen, packing up my
marbles and storming off isn't going to get me healthy.

After a successful 3 mile test run on my left knee last Saturday, I
extended the distance out to 5 miles on Sunday. 5 miles; one loop
around the neighborhood; no problem, I do this course regularly when I
don't have time to run further. Unfortunately, 5 miles was more than
my knee could handle. It was throbbing again by the time my black lab
and I got back to the house. No hills, no sprints, no rocky trails,
just one-foot-in-front-of-another arrow straight black-top. Flat,
flat, flat and an easy pedestrian-like 10/mi pace.. I couldn't even
break a sweat.

After 30 minutes, my left knee started to ache. Not a real pain, but
it was letting me know it wasn't happy. By 4 miles the knee let a
brief bark on each foot fall. It was more of a whimper than a bark. No
pain, just an uncomfortable feeling. Some time shortly after that, I
pulled up and walked home. My black lab immediately reached the end of
his leash and turned around to look back at me with a discernible
"what gives?" look in his eyes. This was only his 3rd run in two weeks
and he was definitely disappointed.

So, I'm back to daily icing and running vicariously through your
blogs. I have continued my short bicycle commute to work and my kids
have stopped ribbing me about biking for the most part. I also started
yoga twice a week. Let's see if I can stick with that. But running
will have to wait a little while longer. If any of you have a magic
cure for classic runner's knee, I'm all ears.

Take care and good luck this week.


Thomas said...

You know, Phil, I'd love to run just 3 miles, but I'll have to wait a bit longer. You're not the only one out of commission.

Jamie said...

I really enjoy your blog, so glad you're not pulling it! Runner's knee... just went through a bout of it last November, but it was instantly cured with a new pair of shoes. What's your shoe situation like? Best wishes.

Love2Run said...

When it comes to knees, listen to Jamie, Phil! His successful surgery followed by the Vermont 100 is truly amazing. Hopefully you can avoid the knife but I know that some strengthening exercises did wonders for me ('paint can' lifts, side leg raises, inside leg raises, add ankle weights as you get stronger) and of course good shoes.

Be well and if you threaten to dare pull that blog, we will come looking for you!

Ewen said...

Sorry your black lab is missing his runs Phil.

love2run has stolen my thunder. Strengthening of the muscles around the knee should help. For support in the meantime, you could try those elastic 'knee support' bandages you can buy at pharmacies. An elite lady masters runner down here uses them all the time.

Lana said...

Can you get your hands on some Naprosen? Aleive is the same thing, but Naprosen is easier on your stomach. I had some runners knee going into my first marathon, and some rest, lots of ice - like off an on all day long, and Naprosen got rid of it. I think it's just inflammation, so if you can get a good anti-inflammatory to go with rest and ice, your recovery time should be significantly less.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

I hate to throw this kind of comment out there, but considering that 99.9999% of humanity would never even show up anywhere, anytime for a run... you did pretty well.

Your knee will get better, but in the meantime you get points for trying. Sure, 'points' don't help your black lab nor your desire to hit the road again, but you'll make it.

Jim said...

C'mon man-you know we all go through our ups and downs! Time to grin and bear it and figure out some other way to keep up your cardio while waiting out the knee.

Remember the rule of thumb (or in this case, knee): if it alters your gaite, stop doing it!

You've told me so many times when I've been injured . . . swim, bike, elliptical. Many things to be done. Besides, you're so driven to achieve I know you'll be doing something.

And DO NOT take down the site. Next best thing to going to church!

J~mom said...

Sorry about the knee, Phil. Sounds like you are on the right track with the bike and yoga! How is the weight doing. I thought the doc gave me great advice yesterday...although most of what I already know. Time to put it to action!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you haven't pulled your blog. hang in there. I tore my meniscus in 2002 and didn't really get back to running until 2004 and even then I shouldn't run. It take discipline but rehab and conditioning seem to pay off. Hang in there.

Mike said...

Hi Phil - Lots of good advice here. I have to be very careful w/ my knees as well. Like others have stated, shoes can make all the difference - depending on if or how much you pronate, how much support and/or cushion you need. I saw an expert on fitting and he got me into a pair plus an off the shelf insert that helped my knees almost overnight.

In the meantime - rest, ice, anti-inflammatory and cross-training. In the past I've done the stationary bike w/ a hill program. The hills on the bike help to #1 get the HR up, and #2 help to strengthen the quads. Leg extensions can help strengthen the muscles around the knee as well.

Good luck and hang in there - I often times have had issues w/ my knees - error on the side of caution and you should be OK soon!!

Josh said...

Phil, three pieces of advice:

1) New shoes. I try not to go more that 400 miles on any pair.

2) Inner thigh strength. Do leg exercises (leg lifts) that strengthen the inner thigh.

3) Foam Roller. A lot of knee pain is caused by a tight IT Band which can be alleviated through myofascial release. You can get a foam roller and instructional DVD from Amazon.com pretty cheap.