Monday, January 28, 2008

Le Premier Jour

Well it's Day 1. I dragged my sorry butt out of my warm bed for a 30 minute walk this morning. It's been raining for the better part of two days and the sky started clearing this morning just before sun rise. It was all very dramatic. Cool, clean, crisp, moist air, fantastic cloud formations as the eastern sky slowly turning from jet black to deep blue. Couldn't beat it with a stick.

Day 1 was OK; no soreness in my left knee during or after; looking forward to Tuesday. As promised, I started out slooooow. Tomorrow, I'll extend out a little.

I'm keeping up with my bicycle commuting and yoga. I haven't seen any positive effects from the yoga, other than falling asleep almost instantaneously using yoga 101A relaxation exercises, but I definitely feel the bike riding in my quads.

On the non-running front, my wife and I headed down to Tucson to visit with our daughter and her boyfriend. While walking to lunch near the University of Arizona I got to see a flying bicyclist. Just as we were about cross the main drag, a body flew by us from left to right followed immediately by a bicycle bouncing along the ground. As my brain slowly comprehended the scence in front of me, the cyclist hit the pavement on his right side and skidded to a stop in 4 or 5 feet.

To our amazement, he rolled over and hopped to his feet. He was shaking up for sure, but nothing was broken and he kept insisting that he was alright. He picked up his bike and explained that his front tired had slipped while crossing the slick trolley tracks in the rain. I don't know how he avoided a broken collar bone and a major case of road rash. I saw the guy hit the ground on his right sholder and skid to a stop.

After he brushed hims self off, he road on down the road ... if we could only be so lucky.

Hope your week is going well and especially hope that all you riders stay upright.


Addy said...

wow...amazing story about that bicyclist! Glad he was so sturdy :)

The slow start sounds good. I'm sure the yoga benefits will kick in soon.

Perhaps, if you have a text version, you could send me those yoga relaxation techniques? I have a frustratingly hard time falling asleep at night, so this sounds quite intriguing :)

Glad your day one was so lovely. The weather sounds amazing!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

good job taking it slow.

i'm guessing the cyclist was down on fourth ave?! crazy - glad he's okay!

Deene said...

i heard on the news about the flooding in your area. scary.
the flying cyclist was probably more embarrassed than anything for crashing in front of an audience.

Gotta Run said...

So far it sounds like you are takig a smart approach to getting back to it. Don't give up on the Yoga. It took me weeks before I really could see improvements. Practice your poses outside of class. It makes a difference.

Love that you a cycle to and from work. That is great!!! it all counts!

Ryan said...

"twas merely a flesh wound."

Ewen said...

Ah, the old front wheel in a tram-track trick. I know that one well from my Melbourne days.

Good to hear the knee has stopped yipping Phil. Enjoy the rest of your week - especially those desert sunrises :)

J~Mom said...

Oh boy, that is scary about the cyclist.

If you have a sec take a look at the loaded question I asked on my blog yesterday. It's your turn to chime in on the walk/run. You know my journey and I am thankful for the input.

That is good news about your knee!!

Anne said...

Do you see the comparison, Phil? You run a little too long and hard and are incapacited for days, sometimes weeks. These "kids" fly through the air, land hard and don't miss a beat. Ah, youth....

Josh said...


Good luck with run #2

Gotta Run said...

What a great way to give back!!! I am one that beleives the smaller races are the better ones to take part in.

Giving your shirt to that runner had to make a huge difference in his ability to finish. Good thing you were there!

Love the slideshow. Thanks Phil.