Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Day Run

I took advantage of my last day off from work to get in a rare mid-week 15 miler. It wasn't my best 15 miler nor my fastest; but at least it was my longest run of 2008. Plus my log looks really cool with 15.5 miles logged for day one of a new week, a new month and a new year.

I ran without my HR monitor, but kept the pace intentionally slow and well within my aerobic zone for the first 5 mile loop. The second 5 mile loop was a little slower and by the third 5 mile loop, there wasn't much hope of speeding up anyway. Plus the temp increased from 40F to 60F (yeah, I know, queue the violins).

On a side note, I can't believe so many of you didn't know that you can get a nasty burn (aka, frost bite) from improper application of ice. My only remaining ice pack is a real cheapo with a plastic cover (my other ice packs have mysteriously disappeared). I put the pack directly on my knee and then wrapped it with an ace bandage to hold it in place. 20 minutes was all it took to get a nasty burn. Don't try this at home.

Have a great week.


Amy said...

Yeah for running on New Years Day!!! And what a way to start it off!

Jamie said...

Off to a great start. Wishing you a stellar 2008.

J~mom said...

Happy New Year, Phil! Great way to kick off the year!

miss petite america said...

HA! longest run of the year!

great way to start the year!

Ewen said...

Congrats on your longest run of the year Phil!

I'm waiting for the temp to cool down from 34C so I can put the violin away and get out for a run.

All the best with your running in '08 mate. A few more races and a marathon PR would be good.

Deene said...

off with bang in '08!!
i didn't pay attention to my HR monitor yesterday while attempting to finish a quick 5k - just the last 3 minutes and i still have a headache.

jen said...

Happy New Year! Nice way to start off the year. :)

Lana said...

Nice run, Phil. Thanks for the "ice" warning...I guess I've never really thought about that. Hope the burn is better now.

Gotta Run said...

15 miles on the first day of 2008... now that is a great way to start the New Year!!!

Way to go Phil.

Ted said...

Happy New Year!!! Man, you started the New Year with a BANG - 15 miles.

On the last note, you closed in with 1,424 miles in 2007 which is close to mine. Let's see who will do the most in 2008.

Hope you have a terrific year!