Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I made it back from Germany late on Friday night.

Total German Sized meals consumed: 7
Total beer consumed: don't recall
Total Phili Cheese Steaks consumed while in Chicago waiting for planes: 2
Total miles flown: 11,500
Total mileage run: 0

Not my best trip. The hotel I stayed at was less than 1/2 km from the company I was "visiting" and I walked back and forth each day for meetings; however, my knee still hurt for the first few days so I didn't run and I just couldn't get myself out of bed early enough the last day to get in any mileage.

Despite my lack of commitment this past week, our blogging friends were out tearing up the roadways at the Arizona Rock 'n Roll Marathon and half Marathon, including:

Lana: Lana flew in from Tennessee for a try at breaking 4:00 hours for the first time. Under near perfect weather conditions, she clocked in at 3:56:20 (go Lana!)

Mike: Mike is one of the most inspirational runners I've ever met. He just missed a PR at 2:37:40; came in 2nd in his age group and 30th overall ... that's 29 people in front of him and 6,423 people behind him.

Lisa: Lisa ran a PR in the half marathon at 2:48:56. It takes real guts to set out on a 1/2 marathon when you know you've got nearly 3 hours to running in front of you. She just continues to improve race after race.

In addition to the R&R Marathon, the Catalina 50M ran last weekend:

Stephanie: This recent New York City to San Diego transplant completed 44 miles of this brutal course before being forced to drop. 44 miles! Talk about running with courage. I haven't had a 44 mile week in over 6 months and Steph pounded out 44 miles in one stretch. There's a great report on her blog.

As for me, things are still unsettled. Since I decided not to run the Carlsbad Marathon next weekend, I've had a lot of time to think about where I'm going with my running. I nearly pulled the blog on Saturday, but I thought that would be a bit melodramatic. Half of me thinks I just need to start from scratch and build up correctly. The knee problem I discussed last week came out of the blue and coupled with the injuries I suffered through last year leads me to believe that I need to stop screwing around get in better overall shape.

Right now I'm too heavy (185 lbs), lack an sort of flexiblity and generally feel lousy. I need a new direction, a new focus. I know what I need to do; it's just a matter of getting off my fat ass and getting the job done.

Take care.


Gotta Run said...

PULL YOUR BLOG.... ARE YOU CRAZY?!!!! Now you have my attention.

Are you ready for some harsh words? You better get your @*&$# together and set a new goal. You have come so far and I for one love the stories you have shared along the way. You know what to do so don't wait another day... start today!!! no better time than the present. Do you hear me Phil???

man if I could I would beat you..... come on... take up yoga... spin if you need a break from running... swim... walk... anything. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Bex said...

What, you're not running Carlsbad?! See, this is what happens when I get too busy to read running blogs. I get totally surprised. Seriously, though, I hope your knee gets better soon. And you BETTER NOT pull your blog.

Ewen said...

I thought not remembering the number of beers consumed was a worry, but pulling your blog! C'mon Phil!

How would I know about the fantastic running all your friends are doing? Plus, myself and heaps of others enjoy reading about your running.

Listen mate, I think you're on the right track re getting in better overall shape... My suggestion is to not have a marathon goal for this year. Perhaps target a different distance - 5k or 10k - something you can race a number of times. Have goals of weekly or monthly mileage which is doable. I think you'll enjoy this, especially if your long run is moderate, rather than needing to be for an upcoming marathon.

Anyway, hang in there!

Lana said...

You can't pull the blog. You just can't. We all have times like these. I have had them myself, and you've read about them and encouraged me out of them. Injuries can be a real mental obstacle, not to mention the obvious physical. A few extra pounds will always put me into a funk. You are a super guy, an tough as nails no excuses runner, and an unbelievable motivator to me and many others out there. I agree with your decision not to run Carlsbad if you aren't feeling it. The pressure is off, so relax and be nice to yourself. Take as much time as you need. One of the main things I learned this weekend was the importance of having fun. Sometimes people like us take our goals so seriously that we forget about the fun factor...which is why we started this stuff to begin with. I was going more for a fun, strong race Sunday when I looked down at my watch after about 17 miles and realized I had the sub 4 in the palm of my hand. You know what I'm talking about. You're gonna be alright!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

don't pull the blog! running is a cycle, just like life: we all ebb and flow, like the tides. that's part of what makes blogging (both reading and writing) so compelling.

Addy said...

ack...please no blog pulling!!!!

I can really feel you with the out of sorts feelings and darn injuries sucking the running happiness out of you. You'll get through this. Things will get better. I'm also right there with you on the loosing excess baggage plan. The non running I've been doing coupled with lazy eating certaintly isn't helping my body feel its best.

Go get that new direction and focus for yourself and life will be good again.

And please please stick around to keep us updated on the hopefully upward trend!

miss petite america said...

u and i are in the same boat. it sucks . but it really can only go up from here.

just think of how proud you'll feel on the other side.

keep on truckin' dude :)

Sub said...

I know how demoralizing being injured can be - I got very little running done in the latter half of last year... Take as much time as you need to fully recover... You have a great thing going with the blog. We enjoy readng it so don't even think of pulling it! Recover soon!

Deene said...

Hey Phil, sorry to hear of the injuries. I enjoy reading your blog and hearing of your travels so don't pull it just yet.
Maybe you just need to take a long break by changing to a different activity until the injuries heal - train for a sprint tri? this would involve minimal running but includes non impact cardio.

J~mom said...

Phil, you can so do this. We CAN do this!! We just totally chose the wrong time of year. Now that all of the holidays are behind us let's DO IT!!

You have been so inspirational and helpful to so many of us, it would be sad if you pulled your blog!

It's time to reset goals and pick a new race. Let's get going!

BTW, thanks for the shout out!! That was nice!!

Anonymous said...


1. being tempted to pull the blog is normal..doing it is crazy. when i closed mine I couldn't fall asleep any more, because I felt I needed to write it out loud!!!!

i'm sure you would be back with a new one sooner or later...but rather sooner!

2. you were just in germany and let me guess..it was cold and you ate a lot of good food and ran little. now, when i was over there i did the same; indulged into everything that tasted so good, ran little and felt fat and lazy.

3. give yourself some time to get back into your training. don't worry, it won't take as long as you think to get back where you have left off.

4. everybody goes through a running crisis at some time. think about what you have accomplished; you are a strong runner!