Friday, January 25, 2008

Warning: Sloth ahead

Oh what a good boy am I; no running for me. Nightly icing and regular doses of Ibuprofen has significantly cut down on the pain in my left knee. Although this regiment is accelerating the healing, it's killing my dog. Every morning, my black lab races in circles around me in anticipation of a run. Hope springs eternal for a dog. I was down-right cruel to him this morning when I took him with me in my car to one of the nearby desert parks. He had his nose out the window and went nuts when the desert smells wafted into his nostrels and he gave me that "what gives" look again when we left the park without a run. Poor puppy.

Although I didn't run this week, I did ride my bike to the office 4 times. Total distance: somewhere near 36 miles. I gave blood on Friday morning and bummed a ride to the office from wife instead of riding. I had scheduled this donation to be a week after Carlsbad, a time I had expected to be in a lull anyway. As it was, draining a pint of O- didn't impact my training at all; so I guess I timed it right.

I'll start walking on Monday and see how the knee does and then sloooooooooowly build back up. I also expect my diet to get back on track. I find the relationship between training and eating fascinating. The higher the quality of my training, the higher the quality of my diet. I shudder when I think about what I've eaten over the past 3 weeks. I'm surprised I haven't gone into toxic shock from all the crap I've consumed.

Hope you all have a great week.


Ewen said...

I feel sorry for your black lab Phil. Reminds me of a TV ad we have down here... man grabs dog's lead and says to wife "I'm just ducking out to get a DVD". Then he walks dog 20 metres to letter box where he collects the posted DVD.

I hope it all goes well on Monday.

Thomas said...

I have heard that ibuprofen masks the pain but actually prolongs recovery rather than speeding it up. Watch out with that stuff.

Grellan said...

Best of luck with the recovery. Hang in there. Giving blood is better than hard training any day.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

good job taking care of yourself!

J~mom said...

I am expecting to read about great things in the coming months. Keep resting and then let's talk about that diet. :>)