Saturday, February 09, 2008

After Bathing at Baxters

I down loaded my favorite Jefferson Airplane album this morning in a effort to punch up my iPod's play list. I seem to remember that After Bathing at Baxters was their 4th album (could be wrong there) and was the first album to have a profound impact on my musical taste. Before this record showed up in my house, I listened to nothing but teen oriented pop music.

I haven't thought about this music in ages, which isn't too odd since there isn't a single pop song on the album and I don't think it had much, if any, radio play even in the late sixties; but for a kid living in the suburbs of Philadelphia during the winter of '67-'68, it was a real kick in the head. I played it over and over on my parent's portable record player as load as I could get away with. As much as I loved listening to Grace Slick sing those strange lyrics, my parents hated it. It was load and brash music, nothing like they'd ever had in the house before; a sharp contrast to Mitch Miller and his ilk.

I do remember that I bought the album completely by accident. I belonged to a record club back then and had to buy an album every few months. I don't recall what I was trying to order, but I can assure you that it wasn't the Jefferson Airplane. I must have accidentally checked the wrong box on the order form or something got screwed up at the factory; regardless, Grace Slick and the rest of the band found their way to my corner of suburbia. I guess that's how life is. You get exposed to something completely by accident and find out that it really speaks to you on a very deep level. After this album, there was no turning back …

With any luck, the new (old?) music will help my running. I’ve kept up with the short bicycle commute to work this week, but my running has sucked. I went out and bought a neoprene brace for my left knee to see if the compression would help stem the onset of the discomfort; but after a few tries, I think that the pressure of my knee cap is only exasperating the problem and not helping. The frustrating thing, of course, is that each week that I don’t run, my conditioning slips further and further.

I’m off to South Bend, Indiana (near Chicago) tomorrow for a week of intense business meetings. The weather forecast shows snow most of the week. Perhaps a quiet run through the snow is just the thing I need to get back on track. I have such fond memories of running through the snow, listenting the CRUNCH CRUNCH CHRUNCH sound under my feet, the last time I was in South Bend. I'm hoping for a repeat.

Take care.


Stephanie said...

that's too funny.."crunch, crunch, crunch". for you desert person it must be like running on mars!! enjoy!

Ewen said...

These days a kid in the suburbs of Philadelphia would be playing gangster rap or duff-duff 'music'.

Wear shorts Phil - running in snowy temps might dull the knee pain. Good luck.

Mike P. said...


It's funny that you're heading to South Bend. I don't live far from there and I'm heading to Scottsdale this week on business.

I have a question for you - I'm an ultra runner and I'm looking for a good place to do a long run. Would you recommend McDowell Mountains? Do you other runners train there and would there be a group running there on Saturdays?

Thanks for your help. I enjoy your blog.


Anne said...

I must admit that I run best when I'm listening to my old standards, which to anyone of another generation would not seem a great mix. If nothing else, it's easier to conjure up more positive images than the painful ones that seem to be afflicting us both these days.