Saturday, February 23, 2008

A cool drink

Running 10 miles followed the next night by 5 hours on my feet mixing martinis for 25 women (more on that later) evidently took its toll on my legs. As I did the other night, I took off this morning with my dog with no particular plan; perhaps a nice 10 miler around Look Out Mountain or just 6 miles around one of my usual loops. I started out slow but by 1/2 mile it was obvious that I'd be cutting this run short. I couldn't generate any power and my heart felt like it was racing in my chest ... not exactly what I had in mind. We (the dog and I) sort of ran / walk through 3 miles and called it quits for the day.

It wasn't an intolerable experience by any means. It was a pretty morning; perfect Chamber of Commerce spring-like weather in central Arizona with clear blue skies for 50 miles in every direction and just the slightest hint of coolness in the air. the air even had a slight moistness to it following the rains last night. A perfect morning for a run / walk.

I'll hit it harder on Sunday.


For the second time we hosted an All Female Martini Party as a fund raiser for one of the christian churches in the area. This party sold out in a day at $35/head and would have sold out at $50/head. Without getting into my affiliation with this group (it's not a pretty story), this is the second time I've had the chance to play bartender to this group. We keep it all female to give the women a chance to let their hair down without a bunch of drunk husbands lurking about and provide sober drivers to ensure everyone gets home safe and sound. Otherwise, there are no limits.

This year, the two big hits were Lemon Drops and Cosmopolitans. I made so many Cosmopolitans that I ran through 24 ozs of Lime Juice and started pushing Coffee and Chocolate martinis after 4 hours to ensure I could keep making Cosmos for the ladies that would drink nothing else. The funny thing about a coffee martini is that no one ever thinks of ordering one, but I've never met a woman (who drinks coffee) that doesn't enjoy it once she tries it. On the other hand, I can't see the attraction to Lemon Drop martinis and Cosmopolitans. Yes, I realize that Jessica Parker amped up the popularity when it became her signature cocktail on Sex in the City, but ladies... there are other martinis out there.

Anyway, everyone had a great time, I ended up with enough empty vodka bottles to make a typical Frat party look like a Disney Movie and no one got sick (like last year) or naked (like last year).

All the glasses ready to go.

The first Lemon Drop of the night

Party in full swing: Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop and Chocolate Mint martinis


Ewen said...

How about some photos from last year Phil? ;)

Do you host the "Bloke's Boutique Beer Tasting" as well?

A perfect morning here too - our weather seems very similar in this change of seasons.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

now i'm craving a chocolate mint or coffee martini (yes, even though it's early on a sunday morning!)

Thomas said...

Rather intriguing parties you're throwing there, Phil. Are you seriously suggesting none of the ladies tried to chat up the bartender?

Phil said...

Thomas ... you pour enough vodka in a lady and even the bartender starts looking good. I take it in stride.

Melissa said...

Dad, I decided to check on your blog, see what's up in Phoenix.... Lemon drop martinis are good, just throwing that out there.

Lana said...

That sounds like a great time!!!

anasalwa said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time. Any ladies passed out in a restroom? When I was waitressing 7 or 8 years ago, Apple Martini and Blood Orange margarita were popular with women over 30's.

J~Mom said...

Would you believe that I have never even had a martini?

We in blogland demand to know the story behind this story! :>D

Josh said...

LOL -- sounds like a fun event! I am guessing that there is not a corresponding Men Only Beer Party...

Ted said...

I am big fan of drinking martini. What's your secret to making a perfect traditional martini?