Sunday, February 17, 2008

From Snow to Surf

What a difference 55 degrees makes. Last Sunday I went out and tried to run in South Bend, Indiana with the temperature hovering around 3F and didn't last long. This Sunday, I took a leisurely run along the beach in Carlsbad, California and took the time to smell the roses or at least the time to take a few photos along the way. I rarely take photos in Carlsbad. I go there so often that I never see the need. But today was different. With my sore knee, I was in no hurry; might as well enjoy myself. It was a nice wrap up to a 21.4 Mile week; the most mileage I've put in this year.

I even passed a guy this morning and although it was probably pretty insulting to my unknown running partner, I stopped to take a picture of the guy from behind has I caught up with him and then stopped to take a second picture as he ran towards me.



The rest of the pictures are random shots taken along the coast on my run.

A little color along the beach
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The black streak in the sand is oil that washes up on the beach

I don't usually run along the sand, but made an exception this morning

The surfers walk down this bluff to the beach below

Stopped for a self-portrait

This is why I love Carlsbad. They haven't gone condo. You can still enjoy the ocean the way the gods intended

This lady blew by me heading north along the coast

I'll be working in Carlsbad on Monday and heading up to Torrance on Tuesday then back to Phoenix on Tuesday night. Hope you're week goes well.


Addy said...

beautiful photos! It looks like lovely weather down in So Cal. Glad you got to get warmed up after that chilly run!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

OMG, so gorgeous!!!

Jim said...

I was lucky enough to get to spend a week in Carlsbad a couple of years ago. The running was great along the ocean and your pictures bring back a lot of good memories for me.


Jamie said...

Makes me look forward to spring! Nice pics!

Lana said...

Great photos! Wow that is beautiful...I just added that to my list of places to go!

Ewen said...

The view along the beach is similar to looking south at Surfers Paradise (except not a high rise in sight). Looks a lovely flat beach to run on.

That 7.2 miles on Monday was promising - good pace, and the knee pain seems to be receding. Have a good week Phil.

J~Mom said...

I have only been there once but I did love it. Great pictures!

Carmen said...

Thanks for posting all of the lovely photos! It is very beautiful out there! In the desert, we miss out a lot on such refreshing scenery.

haha Love that you had to take a pic of the guy you passed from behind and from the front.

Josh said...

It's below 20 degrees right now... these pics aren't doing much for my motivation.