Sunday, February 10, 2008

Running on Mars

I think I've found the lower end of my cold temperature tolerance. I took a short run tonight in South Bend, Indiana; temperature 3F/-16C. Holy crab, that's cold. I know my friends in northern climes will think I'm some sort of woose, but my god, I thought my nose was going to fall off. After 20 minutes I'd had eneough and headed back to the hotel. Wind child, wind schmill ... it's just too cold for me to to be running at night with the wind blowing at mach 3 and snow swirling around my head. Don't get me wrong, I was real excited about running in the snow, but these are "arctic" like conditions and I just don't have the clothes for it.

On the plus side, you can't beat that CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH sound on every step. There's nothing like it on the planet. My head was happy, my fingers, nose and cheeks were miserable.

Special note to Mike P. First ... leave an eMail address next time you have a question. I'm always happy to respond. Second, glad you're coming to Scottsdale, it's a perfect time of the year to be running on the desert. For an ultra experience you can't beat the Pemberton Trail on the north side of the McDowell Mtns. It's about 16 miles around, not to difficult, but very pretty. It'll cost you $5 to get into the park, but well worth it.

If you are more adventurous, I'd also suggest you make your way south to South Mountain. The National Trail is 14 miles and a nice challange.

If you're up for the ultimate in trail running in Phoenix, you've got to try the Charles M. Christiansen Memorial Trail. 20 miles out and back on a trail you won't soon forget. This is my all time favorite run within the city limits and you won't have a clue that you are in a city of 3+ million people.


Ewen said...

But did the cold take your mind off the knee?

Regarding the neoprene brace... I think I mentioned the former elite runner down here with bad knees? She uses cloth braces (looks like a cloth bandage) on both knees. This could be less restrictive, but give some 'gentle' support.

Keep enjoying the snow :)

Mike P. said...


Welcome to Indiana. We should only have one more day of cold weather. Tuesday the high will be in the 20's. Hope your trip goes well.

Thank you for your trail suggestions, it is very much appreciated. I will try as many as time permits.


Deene said...

3f is kind of chilly even for me. i was out at 17f last weekend, i thought my eyelids would be frozen in place but a long hot shower after thawed me out.

Love2Run said...

It's the clothes that make the man in winter weather Phil. With the proper gear you'd be as warm as toast while enjoying your crunchy cereal. Happy running!

The 'other' Mike P.

Dusty said...

Holy cow!! That would be a treadmill day for me! I have run in the snow one other time (it snowed here) I wasn't dressed warm enough, but everything is so quiet and the footsteps are cool... but not that cool... burrr!! You are bolder than I am!!

J~Mom said...

Whoa!! That is cold!! Hope you are doing ok there!