Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl run

I really like the Super Bowl. Not because I like American football, but because it seems that most of our population is obsessed with the sport. Every year, I try to go out and do something during the "big game". Some years, I've gone skiing; other years I've taken long rides through the desert; this year, I went out for what amounted to my long run on my road to recovery.

5.3 miles; not exactly a long run in the traditional sense of the phrase, but the longest run I've taken in a month. In keeping with my go sloooooow approach, I took several 30 second walk breaks during the first 4 miles. I also got a little rain.

I was actually looking forward to running in the rain this afternoon. Ironically, I can see Cardinal's Stadium, the stadium used for the 2008 Super Bowl, from my house. It's only 15 miles to south west and hard to miss. Around 4PM this afternoon, the stadium disappeared under what appeared to be sheets of rain; however, all I got was a heavy, but intermittent drizzle. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

The only other news of note is that I converted my GT XCR 1000 mountain bike to a commuter bike this afternoon. I swapped out its knobby tires for wide road tires and changed the rear chain ring to a narrower range. I pumped up the rear shock to reduce the sag and swapped out the peddles with old style flat peddles (there's no way I'm riding on the streets of Phoenix clipped in).

Before now, I had been using a bike more reminiscent of Almira Gulch from the Wizard of Oz to get back and forth to work. I even found myself humming the music used in the movie when Almira first appears on her little bike; riding with a rod-straight back and a sour look on her face. My new "hybrid" will a big step up and cost me nothing to upgrade since I cannibalized other bikes I'd had in storage for parts.

Hope your week goes well. Run strong. I'll be back out there running longer distances with you in no time.


J~Mom said...

Geesh Phil you live so far North in the Valley. I didn't realize you were way, way up there. LOL

Nice job getting a run done today!

Ewen said...

8.5k ;) is a good distance Phil. Nice job customising the bike too.

We even have the Super Bowl televised down here - it goes most of the day. Not sure how a game of footy can last that long... although I shouldn't say too much - some of our cricket matches go for 5 days.

Lana said...

Nice run!

That's cool that you upgraded your bike like that...and I LOVE the picture from Wizard of Oz - I was just telling my sister the other day that sometimes she reminds me of her when we are mountain biking because she sits so "straight up". ha!!

Bex said...

Nice bike - looks very comfy and much more sensible to commute to work in than a mountain bike.

And if you want to run, you should've run with us yesterday. I ran another marathon. Surprise, surprise.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yup, you'll be back up there in no time.

Anonymous said...

This bike looks fantastic. I sometimes miss riding the bike. Have fun!

jen said...

There's a guy I see every morning who rides like Almira Gulch (thanks for giving the name, I was unaware!) and every time I see him I hum the song and then crack up. Never gets old.

Great job on your long run.

I enjoy big games but I enjoy the void it creates elsewhere even more. I went to a jazz show that evening. Didn't completely escape the game, they were playing it in the bar, but it was fare more subdued then other places. :)