Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tucson Hill Climb

  Kind of over did it last week. I was shooting for 27 miles and hit 33 instead. That was too much. I'm in Tucson, Arizona today for a conference (staying at the La Paloma Resort) and tried a 4 mile recovery run. Got 1.5 miles into the run while heading towards the hills in the picture to the left and both Achilles tendons tightened up, but big time. I turned around and walked town the hill for a few minutes before I felt loose enough to continue running. I finished out 4.1 miles, but not before my right foot completely fell asleep.

Bummer ... it was such a nice day in Tucson.

Oh well ... hope your week is going well.

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anasalwa said...

I envy you. Running in 70's-80's degrees. How wonderful.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yeah, it was gorgeous yesterday!

J~Mom said...

That is a gorgeous area. The whole town would be nice if not for that university down there. LOL j/k

Deene said...

argh!! more snow here this morning.
gorgeous photo!

Ewen said...

Bugger! It looks like the view would have been fantastic from up there too.

Those lush green golf courses in the middle of the desert always have me wondering where the water comes from.

I hope your running improves for the weekend.

Gotta Run said...

Atleast you were able to run some.. better than nothing I guess.

Still crazy how your foot falls asleep though.