Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shaw Butte - North Phoenix

Took a Run/Walk up Shaw Butte in North Phoenix. Not much to report, but I did finally find a few wild flowers.

Shaw Butte in the background. My Black Lab, with his back pack, in the foreground

Finally found a bit of color on the desert. Still not much variety

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North Mountain

North Mountain from the top of Shaw Butte. Piestawa Peak is in the background

Looking south down 7th Avenue. South Mountain is barely visable through the haze

Good Dog

Look Out Mountain

A lone violet flower

The cacti are starting to bloom

The small valley between North Moutain and Shaw Butte. This is a very peaceful place. It will be hellishly hot in a few months, but right now, it's beautiful.


Jamie said...

Great pics! Looks like a really neat area.

DawnB said...

Thanks for sharing Phil, very nice beautiful.

Ted said...

Man, I am drooling!!! *hollering at my wife* Let's move to AZ. What's your dog carrying in the backpack? Liquor?
Man - I am dying for this kind of weather. If I am in AZ, I would think its time for me to pop Claritin-D in my mouth.

J~Mom said...

Great pictures! Only a few weeks left of great running weather....:<(

Carmen said...

It's so beautiful when the desert is in bloom. It's a nice respite before the temps start increasing. I enjoyed the pics. thx