Sunday, March 09, 2008

Week in Review

Stealing shamelessly from Charles Dickens: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". On the plus side of the ledger. Two blogging friends had great races this weekend. Lisa ran the Valley of the Sun Half Marathon this morning and did very well. With a 6:15AM start time, you get beautiful views of the desert as the sun comes up over the Superstition Mountains (see picture to the left). This is about the last distance race of the season on the deserts of central Arizona; very happy that she was able to get out there and run it.

In a much cooler climate, two other blogging buddies, Thomas and Grellan, each busted out a great 10 miler at the BALLYCOTTON '10' earlier in the day. Thomas pulled off a 1:06:01 just 6 weeks after recovering from a bad bout of pneumonia. Grellan was rock solid, running a bit faster and finishing in 1:05:38. I've been following Thomas's exploits for a long while and get the strong impression that nearly everyone in Ireland is fit, trim and blinding fast.

Back on the home front, your humble author isn't doing as well. Nothing serious, but it seems like I've tweaked my left calf. It tightened up after a mile in Tucson earlier in the week, gave me trouble after a mile on Friday and tightened up again 1.5 miles into a 7 miler earlier today. For now, I'm just babying the thing, but it is cutting into my mileage and enjoyment. Oh well ... I swore that I was going to take this recovery slow and easy and I'm sticking with that strategy.

On a completely different (and non-running) topic; if you haven't done so, you have got to check out Stuff White People Like. I haven't been all that bashful about my opinions concerning our absurd attitudes about race in this country, but I never thought satire was the way the really drive the point home. This blog has had me rolling on the floor since I found it last night. It's a complete satire, but is written in a straight up documentary style. It is very US-centric and really hits hard at the US upper-middle class (check out: Marathons). The only sad thing about the blog is the comments left by people who think this it all too serious. These folks need to buy a clue.

Take care.


Jamie said...

That website is a riot! Hope your calf gets better.

Ryan said...

It appears that no matter how "urban" I want to be, I'm just a white guy :(

Back to classic rock for me!

Mark said...

dear Phil,

thank you for your post in my disheveled blog. Valley of the sun was fun race. I pushed myself a bit too hard, and i finished it with new personal best for 10k, and of course, since it was my first, my HM personal best. Now i am off for a week dealing with the blisters. Somehow hill training doesnt mean much when you live in Gilbert.

Deene said...

thanks for the link, i got a laugh.

J~Mom said...


I crack up every time I read that blog. It is a hoot. Did you see the bicycle post?

Hope the leg heals quickly!

Thomas said...

Thanks for the compliments, Phil. I sometimes wish there were fewer fast guys around, at least in the races I'm competing in!

Grellan said...

Phil thanks for the comment. Cruising is relative - think of the guys who do recovery runs at 06:30 pace - the great thing about running is that it's a personal triumps when you get a PB, winning is not important as I will never win a race and............Thomas will live to fight another day.

Blaxabbath said...

Man...SWPL is blowing up. I see links to it everywhere.

...of course, I knew about it when it was just in its first posts.

As for the leg, I suggest eating menudo. It is magical and will heal you.

Addy said...

sorry your calf isn't treating you so well. As long as you keep going slow, hopefully it'll stop complaining.

I'm going to go check out that site now. Thanks for recommending it!

mindy said...

hilarious website - thanks for the link!
take care of the calf - you'll be back on the trail soon for sure.

DawnB said...

hope you calf is feeling better

miss petite america said...

thanks for your sage advice. i really need to stop over thinking it since i've been thinking about it for years now.

hope the calf starts to feel better soon.

Ewen said...

Sorry about your calf Phil.

Yes, Grellan v Thomas was a classic race. The better runner won ;)

Thanks for the link. Funny. I must remember to be impressed next time a white person says they're going to run a marathon, or, heaven forbid, an Ironman. In the latter case, I'll ask them if their $10,000 bike was sustainably produced.

I am impressed by marathoners and triathletes of all standards, but not by the ones who are just ticking something off 'to do' before they die.

Gotta Run said...

Thaks for the well wishes on Scott's sprain!! Poor guy.

Hope that your calf is feeling a bit better. Maybe we all need a long spa trip to just relax and recover from last year. :)

That blog site is freaking funny!! I must read more. Did you notice how many comments are posted? Insane!

Holly Jane said...

Take care of that calf!!! Thanks for the encouragement!

Ted said...

Whoa.. need to take care of your calf.
Now.. you got me thinking. I should sign up for either PF Chang Marathon or Valley of the Sun Half Marathon next year to escape the winter blues!!!!!